Cut off a Length – 2014 – Pencil – click for full view on site!

I figure now might be a good time to lay this piece to rest. Then again, given his noticeable resilience to death- I don’t think it’ll be staying there long!

I know it seems like an odd decision to make six months after the piece was started but I feel that it’s probably better to bury (pun intended) some of the pieces that were being worked on before. While trying to sort everything out earlier this year I was thinking about some of the concepts and how, repeatedly, and annoyingly, they would just keep coming back up. Mostly ’cause I wasn’t happy with just dropping them but they weren’t complete… so I went around in circles. Hilarious for anyone watching, I’m sure.

Of course, this piece still isn’t “complete” but due to the amount of time between the original work being done on it and now and how everything has changed since- that’s probably a good thing. I did clean it up a bit and generally bring it up to standard but it’s still going in the Sketchbook section as a “nearly complete but not quite” piece. As, really, it doesn’t matter where they end up on the site- just as long as they’re there. Right?

This allows me to draw a line under all of that work from back then and start with the most recent concepts. There are still a few things hanging around from earlier this year but they were never actually started or developed so they’re just miscellaneous concepts (thank fluffy kittens) and so I can just start them whenever.
They’re not actually sticking out like a sore thumb and making me wonder what I should do with them, whether I should bin them or send them to that folder which once something enters it is never seen again.

But that would just be tragic for all concerned.

Cut off a Length is something that I liked all those months ago and I still like now. I would say it probably laid the foundations for the work you’ve seen since as it was one of the first pieces I’d started using such heavy shading from the off and decided that would be the style from the very first sketches. This is actually a throwback to way I used to do things but didn’t really enjoy how dark they were as I didn’t have a great understanding of the technique back then. But now I do. So, woo! More lines and graphite and tone than you can shake a reasonably sized stick at.

I have to say I am surprised by this piece in some respects. I didn’t think that anything from earlier in the year where everything was such a mess would actually be as good as this, so, hey, maybe I wasn’t such a mess? Or maybe I’m just awesome? Or (most likely) I have some of the best luck at the worst times.

I don’t really know where I’m going next at the moment. I’ve been thinking about some The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim work or maybe something with watercolour. I have a fascination with ink at the moment thanks to the heavier shadows in my pencil work and I did just play a trilogy of Batman games… it really could be anything I suppose. Been a while since I’ve been in this position and it’s as comfy as a dozen pillows while someone makes you coffee and you listen to music from before you were born. By the way, if that sounds good to any of you ladies I am sort of on the dating scene.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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Not What You Expected to See

I do apologise that I opened the door with not a single article of clothing on- but you did ring at 7am.

Honestly, when I have just woken up and I hear a knock upon my door it’s not the first thing that comes to mind. So I rush, half-naked, nearly blind (due to lack of contacts), and open the door to hear “have you got a moment to speak about Jesus?”, close it again, and put on some trousers. Alternatively I have a conversation with the lady from upstairs while squinting like I’ve just taken a lemon to the eye as I can’t see and I’m still processing the fact I’m awake. Good times.

Aren’t you glad I share these stories? I mean, I could be one of those artist types that never utters a word and writing a description or naming their piece is so incredibly awkward it’s just called “untitled112” as I have one hundred and eleven other untitled pieces- but where would be the fun in that?

Within the confines of this small blog, so happily hosted on WordPress, coded with the language of kings, and emblazoned with graphical marvels is what falls out of my brain when I shake my head. You know the way that cats do that super-cool-hyper-head-spin when they get a bit of fluff down their ear? Like that. Except mine is more like a lazy shuffle and all of a sudden my brain is leaking out of my ear. However, I think I need to refresh the juice it’s floating in. I don’t think there’s much left with all that has fallen out and what is there is probably stale- it’s been there for far too long. I’d probably make a reasonably entertaining YouTube person who talks about stuff and records themselves doing so… if I actually enjoyed doing that. Which I don’t.

Done that whole webcam thing once and she didn’t pay me.

I've died so many times I'm starting to feel a bit hollow.
I’ve died so many times I’m starting to feel a bit hollow.

During my time at Sen’s Fortress I learned how to fall off of things a lot… an awful lot… an embarrassing number of times actually. I am vertically challenged, not in the sense that I am short- for I am not short- but I can’t climb stairs in video games. But, while running back and exploring when the feeling struck, I found a great admiration for my character. She was hardy. She was resilient. She didn’t hate me for all the times I’ve dodged off of cliffs, rolled down holes, rolled into chasms, fell off of beams, and rolled into the weirdest environmental damage. She also had really nice armour.

If I give Dark Souls a thumbs up for anything it’s that. The armour designs are generally very tasty and if you overlook the fact that there are few sets that are not damaged, aged, or torn to some degree there’s a lot of work you can evidently see in the armour sets. I also really like the Wanderer’s Set. It’s lovely.

It’s not what I expected I would end up doing as it was the complete opposite of my usual character choice and I wasn’t able to soak damage, let my shield eat the pain, and go on my merry way slashing and slicing foes. It did give me a unique insight into how to play those kind of characters, though. Technically she wasn’t a true (for lack of a better word) Wanderer as she had Sorceries and used some medium armour to augment her starter set. That, and few curved swords or rapiers appealed to me.

But the beauty was that she was a bit of everything. She dodged, rolled, parried, and did the odd riposte. She had physical power in her swords and a magical edge with her various bolts of luminescent death. She also could easily switch to a bow for some long range engagements.

If I were to play Dark Souls II I would be heavily biased towards starting a character a lot like her. Then again, I might not as I’m sure there were some points in the first game I could have adapted to much quicker had I the prior knowledge of how the engagements worked. She didn’t really tank anything- or even have the ability to- and it was only later when I invested in a shield with higher stability that she didn’t get pounded every time she blocked. Therefore, any fights where I would take heavy damage for one reason or another took a bit longer as she had to drink more Estus and usually die a couple of times to get the knack for that one.

This piece was something I had at the back of my mind during many hours spent staring at her falling off of things. It’s just a simple portrait and it’s trying to capture a varying number of ideas and styles without settling for any one of them for the presentation. I guess that explains my art in one these days. I know what I’m doing but I don’t know what I’m doing. Then again I am trying to recreate my style.

In either case, it’s just something small to say “I still know how to hold a pencil.”

Have a nice weekend, all!


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Ancient Evil – 2012 – Marker – click for full view on site!

The joy of varying skin tones!

If that was the first thing you noticed about Mumm-Ra- I’d be surprised. Given he is, for all intents and purposes, a walking corpse, who has managed to unnaturally elongate his life to thwart those blasted ThunderCats! Or that’s what he’s doing these days. I’m not entirely sure if that was his original purpose for doing it.

It probably wasn’t. He does seem a little power hungry.

This is a piece which returns to a style (and material) that hasn’t been as prevalent in my creative endeavours as I would have anticipated. It’s been a while since I’ve approached anything with marker, mostly due to the inability to decide exactly what I want to do with them. This particular piece doesn’t help with that, either. As this combination of materials is reliant on the heavier shadows from using liquid ink alongside ink pens.
That said, I am satisfied with this piece (and the presentation therein) and I’m hopeful for what I can do with marker in the future as a result of it. I’m still not sure if they’re going to have as significant a role as other materials, such as, say, pencil, which I do believe is still one of the stronger options I have. But I’d like to explore my options with them.

Maybe even try a few different kinds of markers, too.

I’ve been known to lean towards Tria Letraset markers. But maybe I’ll try some Copic markers (beside the Copic Ciao which I already use), or maybe explore the broader range of what Letraset have available. Such as their ProMarkers. Which are actually quite reminiscent of the older Tria Letraset markers I used many years ago. Still, for now, this is a piece that I hope you’ll enjoy and one that I think is a worthwhile addition to my personal site.

Have a lovely week, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.

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