Ancient Evil – 2012 – Marker – click for full view on site!

The joy of varying skin tones!

If that was the first thing you noticed about Mumm-Ra- I’d be surprised. Given he is, for all intents and purposes, a walking corpse, who has managed to unnaturally elongate his life to thwart those blasted ThunderCats! Or that’s what he’s doing these days. I’m not entirely sure if that was his original purpose for doing it.

It probably wasn’t. He does seem a little power hungry.

This is a piece which returns to a style (and material) that hasn’t been as prevalent in my creative endeavours as I would have anticipated. It’s been a while since I’ve approached anything with marker, mostly due to the inability to decide exactly what I want to do with them. This particular piece doesn’t help with that, either. As this combination of materials is reliant on the heavier shadows from using liquid ink alongside ink pens.
That said, I am satisfied with this piece (and the presentation therein) and I’m hopeful for what I can do with marker in the future as a result of it. I’m still not sure if they’re going to have as significant a role as other materials, such as, say, pencil, which I do believe is still one of the stronger options I have. But I’d like to explore my options with them.

Maybe even try a few different kinds of markers, too.

I’ve been known to lean towards Tria Letraset markers. But maybe I’ll try some Copic markers (beside the Copic Ciao which I already use), or maybe explore the broader range of what Letraset have available. Such as their ProMarkers. Which are actually quite reminiscent of the older Tria Letraset markers I used many years ago. Still, for now, this is a piece that I hope you’ll enjoy and one that I think is a worthwhile addition to my personal site.

Have a lovely week, all!


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