Where It All Began

There are some things you can never get back, right?

I’ve been looking at the purchase of a PS Vita recently. It seems like an odd move as the last console I owned was the Nintendo DS Lite (I think it was) which I bought about seven years ago. It could be more, it could be less- but I know I had it when I got Chrono Trigger for the DS and that came out in 2009 (if I recall correctly). It also seems like an odd move because since the PS2 I’ve not really been much of a console gamer. That said, I’ve played on systems from the SNES to the PS1 to the Dreamcast to the Gamecube.

I did play on the XBox 360, too.

I don’t really reference that one much, though. Mostly because it was probably in the region of less than five titles and most of what you’ll find on my profile comes from the Games for Windows Live functionality of several PC games. I guess it was then when I really decided that consoles didn’t really offer me too much any more. However, there were plenty of things on older systems that I still liked and/or wanted to play. Being in the UK there were certain titles you could get (like Suikoden) and there were ones you couldn’t (like Suikoden II). It’s always been annoying that I could never get a PAL copy of Suikoden II or that Chrono Cross never actually released over here.

That said, for whatever reason, on the PlayStation Store you can get an EU copy of Suikoden II. Which is where the PS Vita comes in. Yet, again, for whatever reason, you can’t get an EU copy of Chrono Trigger despite it recently being ported to the Nintendo DS (making it available in Europe). It was also on PS1 and is on the US store under the PSOne Classics.

One my save files from the PSP version of Final Fantasy.
One my save files from the PSP version of Final Fantasy.

Chrono Cross is still just out of reach, too. US only.

So, yeah, the two titles I’d gladly spend cash on are still just out of reach. But, the others- like Suikoden and Suikoden II- are on there. They’re not too expensive, either. With most of the classic Final Fantasy titles going for £7.99 opposed to the £10.99 of the Steam PC ports. Which is really what started this whole exploration back into consoles.

Being someone that played Final Fantasy IV to VI on the SNES it has always annoyed me that every re-release since feels the need to change something. Besides the ones on the PS1 (Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy VI). Even the Gameboy Advance re-releases (that I own) added updated features which add nothing (in my opinion) to the original titles. Of course, you’d be hard pressed to get an original unaltered NES Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy III set. But I can live with the alterations there. If for no reason other than I can play them on modern systems. There’s also Final Fantasy VII to IX on the EU store under the PSOne Classics.

It might seem silly to a lot of people (even to myself) but it seems like a worthwhile purchase to get a PS Vita just to be able to get a mostly unaltered complete set of classic RPGs. I know some (mostly Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy IV) have been altered slightly- but it still seems worth it. Finally being able to play Suikoden II would be pretty neat, too. It’s one of those purchases I won’t really know the value of for some time. Still, the sixteen titles I’m looking at seem to make it worth it just by themselves.

Have a nice week, all!