Laying in the Sun

I would make some wisecrack about recharging my batteries but you know cats.

Despite being covered in fur and laying around like a flattened balloon when it is warm- you’ll always find cats rolling around in sunshine whenever possible. Brings me closer to the theory that cats are solar powered. Also, that they only require water and sunshine to function and/or exist. Therefore, to recharge my batteries, I just lay in the sun for a few hours.

Which would never actually happen as I inherited my father’s love of the cold weather.

But, yes, it has been a while hasn’t it? Over the last month I’ve done a few more thought related than content related posts than I would usually do. For a few reasons, really. One is that I don’t really have many content related posts to run with. Thought related posts used to be fairly common on here for a spell, but, as time went on, they dropped off a bit. However, I am consciously aware of the people who have followed me for two or more years who might like to see them. Which is why I tend to roll a few out between the other things I do.

I’ve also wanted to test out different post types to see how well they’ll be received nowadays. Mostly because I sort of rebranded the blog (for lack of a better term) a while back to include a lot more gaming, coding, and general posts. It’s not all about the art and creative things as it used to be. So, you know, new audiences and all that. Trying to figure out what you all like to see.

That said generally I will post what I want to post- not what I think people would want to see me post even if I didn’t want to.

But when the two can marry up? All the better. I feel the review posts and Developing with Unity posts are two examples of that. Both are generally well received and both are topics I’m passionate about, that I enjoy writing about, and that I can have some fun with. Getting into technical details for those who like it but also staying simple for those who don’t. I guess this is a slight insight into the things that I think of regarding the blog, what to post, when to post it, and so on. Scheduling posts has certainly allowed me much more flexibility, and given me the ability to funnel posts through in a structured fashion so that you aren’t bombarded with dozens of reviews at once.

I’ve also not done that much art nor pushed on with it as much as I said I would. Been thinking about that, too. I’m one of those people that think long and hard before they act as to not waste time, resources, and whatever else doing something on a whim or the spur of the moment. When it comes to art, well, I want to do something meaningful, I don’t want to push on with the same kind of content as there was previously. I want to define a style- a kind of art- and make it my own. Unfortunately that takes time so we’ll be waiting on it for a bit longer.

While there might be a few less posts over the next couple of weeks- there will be more to come. It’s just a transition period where I want to actually do something worthwhile and produce something that people can enjoy. Might take a bit but the blog isn’t going anywhere.

Have a nice week, all!