Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 9)

Have you noticed Lion’s Arch looking a little spookier than usual recently?

On top of the festivities surrounding the Shadow of the Mad King we’ve also seen the release of Heart of Thorns on the 23rd of October. While I don’t own the expansion (yet) I still get to see other characters using the new Masteries, the new class (the Revenant), and many mechanics have been rebalanced. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a fan of some of the changes to guilds and how they progress/grow in Heart of Thorns.

Mostly surrounding the new system of Favor (which replaces Influence).

While I would agree that personal bank guilds were probably not intended I do wonder why they have removed the small Influence gain from dynamic events. Or, rather, why there isn’t a small Favor gain from dynamic events. As, from what I can tell, though I could be wrong about this, the only way to gain Favor is now to do guild missions. From a social/PvP/PvE/WvW perspective I feel that the changes are positive in that you get missions per type of content. They definitely seem to be moving towards a system of progression in which different guilds can achieve success through different aims. However, it does perplex me why they haven’t replaced a small Influence gain with a small Favor gain. It’s still PvE doing content, right?

As the small Influence gain from dynamic events is what was fuelling the Bovine Appreciation Association I will likely have to abandon the guild. Or keep it but know there will be few chances (if any) for me to make any kind of progression. I’ve heard tell of possibly being able to exchange Influence for Favor but I likely won’t have enough to get anything worthwhile.

Full of sugary goodness!
Full of sugary goodness!

Shadow of the Mad King is a lot of fun, though.

Once again Guild Wars 2 has surprised me (in a good way) and has allowed me to access the content on all of my characters. For any of the characters that haven’t reached Lvl 80 they’ll be scaled up to the level cap while in the festive areas. I’m not restricted to just bringing my Mesmer if I want to make any solid progression. Equally as surprising is that you can either do the PvE or PvP portion for the last part of the A Sweet Friend achievement. It’s these little things that make such a difference.

In World of Warcraft many of the required achievements also required a character at level cap. Not a problem now as I have (or had) several- but when you first start playing it’s a lot more penalising to get involved in the events. As, even if you want to, you know you’re pretty much unable to as you won’t be allowed to enter the area(s).

Over the weekend I spent a good while collecting up Trick or Treat Bags (probably somewhere in the region of 350-400 bags), gathering candy corn (somewhere in the region of 3000+), and running through the Mad King’s Labyrinth more times than I can count. Got the Hexed Outfit for my troubles, too. Which I wanted to give to my Necromancer but is freely available (I do believe) on all of my characters should they wish to use it. That will probably do it for me. I know many of the other miniatures and whatnot are in the region of 6000-18000 candy corn and I don’t really want them that much. Or do I? No, no, I don’t- don’t start thinking you’re going to collect all that candy corn, Kairn.

Have a nice week, all!