He Who Brought Life – 2012 – Watercolour – click for full view on site!

When is a tree not a tree? When it’s a Harold!

This particular piece is going to get very confusing. Mostly due to the fact that it has remained as a work in progress since early 2012, yet it is being added to the site as a new piece- which it technically is- as I’ve never had it on the site before. Entirely due to previous versions of the site not having the Sketchbook section which was made for things just like this. Why add it now? That’s a good question and one that relates back to New Approaches.

As the post suggests I’ve been working on various updates to the collection of sites.

During the course of these updates I was taking a closer look at what was actually on the site, following up on what I said at the beginning of the year, and generally trying to get everything looking as good as it possibly can. Then I noticed this pile of work in progress scans and remembered all about one of the better watercolour pieces I’d started.

Those who have played Fallout 3 will recognise the lovely Harold in all his woody glory. I didn’t realise how many wood jokes you could make with Harold until I typed that. He was a prominent feature of the somewhat hidden area of Oasis. Hidden in the sense that you need to convince the people who live there that you’re not completely evil, drink some sap, have a hallucinogenic nightmare, and wake up surrounded by Those Who Worship Wood. That’s not the actual name of the people that live there- but it should be. Later you meet Harold (who has had many post-apocalyptic adventures of his own) and decide how to deal with him. One of the options involves fire. You can probably tell how that goes down.
The reason I have so many work in progress scans of this particular piece relates back to an idea I had at the time I was painting it. Work in progress scans were never a thing I’d usually do (and still don’t for the most part) but I wanted to make the effort here. I wanted to have maybe five-six at the end which I could compile and display how it had evolved from the initial line work, to the beginning of the painting stages, to the end of the painting stages. As you can probably tell, I never got to the final stages.

Why was that? Not really sure.

While my memory is usually pretty solid when it comes to remembering things from yesteryear… this one is hard to place. The most probable answer to that question is that I simply lost interest in finishing the piece, or, it could be, as I haven’t seen the original in some time, that something went wrong with it. Couldn’t really say.

I still think it’s a great addition to the site even in an unfinished state. It’s also slightly conceptual- as the style was an entirely new concept back then- and helps to show the progression through watercolour and ink pieces. Which probably means that being unfinished actually helps show that progression. Given that you can see the way I was treating the line work, the painting process, and the piece in general through the work in progress scans. It’s also a rare piece of Fallout 3 fan art from the days before. As, these days, I feel 2012 was merely the foundation for what was to come in the future. Once I had considered it the pinnacle of what I could achieve… these days not so much. Just one of many building blocks.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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