Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 7)

I wonder how much ectoplasm (in weight) it takes to make up one Glob of Ectoplasm.

I’m thinking that it’d take quite a bit. Then again, they do seem somewhat plentiful and they seem to be in all manner of things- so maybe not so much. Maybe they don’t conform to the same definitions of weight we would use in the physical realms. Maybe they do. Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this and should just indulge in their purple-y goodness.

Crafting is something that continues ever onwards for the patrons and contributors of the Bovine Appreciation Association. For those unaware, as I haven’t exactly referred to it by name before, that’s the name of my guild. One of my guilds (another personal guild) in Guild Wars was named after my love of cats, so, it felt only right that this one should be related to cows, as another cat related guild would have been too simple to do. These are the kinds of decisions that I never want to make, though. Just in case I don’t like the end result.

However, the only thing I wish different for this guild is an actual cow emblem. But that’s a minor detail.

Chef is still the most successful discipline and just shy of 400, now. While the Weaponsmith and Jeweler both edged over 300. With the Tailor, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, and Huntsman all trailing just shy of 200. Three of the latter four are trailing due to Cotton Scraps, which, like Jute Scraps before them, are proving to be quite elusive. Huntsman is trailing due to a lack of Seasoned Wood Logs which is mostly due to me not being in those zones recently. That said, I’ve got a good number of characters who can go out to collect those materials while levelling soon. So I don’t really worry too much about Huntsman as it requires two things that are abundantly available.

Once the majority edge past 400 (apart from Chef and Jeweler who stop there) I’ll be happy with the crafting. The last points seem to be mostly related to either exotic or ascended gear, while new materials are not usually used, and those that are are parts of the crafting discipline itself, so we’ll have covered the bulk of the work by then.

The Mesmer, Kairn, recently passed Lvl 70 and is now working towards varied objectives in some of the highest level zones available.

He also went through five chapters of his personal story (in a chunk) which net him nearly six levels. This was an unexpected experience gain on his part and it changes the way I’ll approach the personal story with the others. I’ll probably start their personal story around Lvl 40-45. Get them some experience, items, and a bit of help along the levelling process. However, it was a happy unexpected occurrence. Unlike falling down that chasm in Mount Maelstrom, which, while it didn’t kill me, brought several elementals out to play. (Which also didn’t kill me.)

We’ve also welcomed the last of the characters (the Necromancer) into the fold recently. While I originally hoped for him to be a minion master I wasn’t too impressed with the minions, or their abilities, and so he’s testing out a close range AoE build. Inflicting several conditions but also hitting like a freight train at the same time.

Finally, regarding the above recording, I figured it would be more effective (and a little more explanatory) than another screenshot. Recorded it Saturday afternoon so it’s not fully up to date (like Kairn being pre-Lvl 70) but still relevant.

Have a nice week, all!