Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 2)

I would trade my left leg for a stack of Jute Scraps right about now.

Crafting systems- you’ve got to love them, right? Maybe not. I know a few people that can’t stand the process of gathering materials, crafting with them, and then breaking them down only to craft with them again. Which is why I’d like to say that I’ve always loved the Salvage Kits in Guild Wars. It makes all the equipment you might find in your travels, regardless of whether you can equip it, or whether it has the bonuses you want, useful to you in some way. If you can’t find a use for it- break it down. If you already have something better- break it down.

If you’re wandering through Lion’s Arch and someone lays down a slick beat- break it down.

I’m actually really enjoying the crafting disciplines so far, though. With the exception of the insane shortage of Jute Scraps (which is awful for two out of the four crafting disciplines I have). Gathering things like ore or wood is quite easy- and doesn’t require a crafting discipline (like mining) to do- so it doesn’t take me too far out of my way but I can make neat gear in the process.

I’m pretty sure I must have collected 400+ ore and wood so far. Not to mention oodles of ingredients for the Chef discipline, too. The only thing that is missing is Jute Scraps- even after spending a good hour farming up the various bags the drop from. I got something ridiculous like 6-8 out of something like 50 bags. It hits hardest for Tailor, though. I can sort of make ends meet with Armorsmith by using the excess resources to craft more components. Weaponsmith is coming along great, though. Mostly as that requires ore and wood which I have in abundance. Likewise, Chef is currently my highest at 225+ (just need some Sesame Seeds and we’ll be good).

"Ghosts! Ghosts everywhere!"
“Ghosts! Ghosts everywhere!”

Tailoring is kind of dead in the water until I can find some, however. Funniest part about it is- I have a ton of Wool Scraps and other materials.

So once I can reach 75+ Tailor I’ll be okay. It’s also quite odd, and/or possibly a bug/glitch, how I harvest low level cloth armour and seem to get Wool Scraps rather than Jute Scraps. Got a stock of materials for the Artificer and Jeweler disciplines, though. Thankfully there’s only one more discipline (that I know of) that requires Jute Scraps. So that’s something at least.

I’m enjoying the ability to advance levels purely through gathering resources and crafting items, however. It has allowed me to continue to level and develop my Mesmer without wasting hours farming items, travelling to places, and doing various events for the Karma rewards with no actual benefit to his progress. I also get to explore a lot of new areas. I’m rather leaning towards pushing my Guardian up six more levels (to around Lvl 47) and exploring some of the higher level locales. Should be fun and totally not deadly in any way, right?

I’ve also got a burning desire to see the Iron Marches. I’ve got a feeling that some of the locations I visited in the first Guild Wars are nested there.

Like Piken Square. I’m pretty sure it should be there as Grendich Courthouse was west of it, and that is in the neighbouring zone, so I can only imagine it’s out there somewhere. Fond memories of that place. Spent a great deal of time there (as many likely did) after the Searing and it would be nice to revisit.

Have a nice week, all!


Returning to Tyria

I don’t even know how much time has passed between those days and these.

Guild Wars 2 was always a complicated topic of discussion for me. Those who have been around here for a while will know that Guild Wars provided many fond memories for me. It was the first MMO I played (before I even knew what an MMO was), I enjoyed the world, and I enjoyed the mechanics. However, when news came of the second installment, I was a little hesitant to pick it up as I never did buy nor play Eye of the North. So I always felt I’d be missing out. Which, ultimately, led to me not picking Guild Wars 2 up.

That said, with the recent news surrounding the core game, I put aside my indecision and finally took the plunge back into Tyria.

I chose a Mesmer and a Guardian for my free slots. The former was my favourite class from the previous title and the latter is something new (which reminds me of the Paragon/Monk). One of my biggest concerns (for lack of a better word) with Guild Wars 2 was the skill system, which, while still very tailored to adapting to any role, is now entirely based on your weapon(s). There are three additional skills along with a healing skill that you can assign but the bulk comes from the weapon(s). It’s… not as bad as I first thought it would be.

This is such a coordinated team effort.
This is such a coordinated team effort.

I’ve not had much experience with the underwater combat thus far but I’ve had fun switching between weapons and trying different builds. I’m settling on either the two-handed sword or a one-handed mace and shield for my Guardian, while the Mesmer feels great with a one-handed sword and pistol. That said, as I unlock more additional skills, this could be subject to change.

They’ve really hit the nail squarely on the head with the world and story, too.

For those who have played the first in the series there are a lot of references, locations to revisit, new story to learn, and general world evolutions to watch unfold. It’s rather haunting how perfect the return to Ascalon City was. After the Searing and then the events that led to the start of Guild Wars 2- it feels hollow, empty, and lifeless. Yet, at the same time, it still feels like the same city we all trained in Pre-Searing. Multiple starting locations are a feature, too. Thusly there are a number of solid, enjoyable, and well thought out improvements to be had.

Funnily enough- so is this.
Funnily enough- so is this.

There are far too many small details to talk about in a single post, though. For returning players who have enjoyed the first Guild Wars I would say that this has a similar level of charm with some really interesting additions/improvements. There are more account-wide unlocks now but the sense of individual progression remains for those who enjoy that (like me).

While there is also a great deal of freedom in how you choose to progress, where, and in which fashion. I don’t believe (as far as I’ve encountered) there’s anything like a Horde and Alliance system where certain races/factions can’t interact. When you open your map for the first time the starting areas for each race are all unlocked, and I’ve traveled between them without incident, so I do believe you’re free to mingle if you don’t enjoy the progression where you currently reside. Story missions seem to be region-locked, though. For how long I can’t say.

Still, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so far. I hope that continues for some time to come!

Have a nice week, all!