Dungeons & Moggies

Rolling dice and taking hits.

Ideally I’d be rolling dice and avoiding hits, but my saving throws never seem to be as effective as they should be. Not that I’m fully conversant with the differences between Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saving throws. And I’m reasonably certain that the majority of my builds have lower than average modifiers, due to the distribution of their attribute points. Because a -1 modifier never seems as bad as it actually is during character creation. But such is to be expected whenever I attempt to make sense of the different Dungeons & Dragons rules present in CRPGs.

Varied as they are.

Hence some of my confusion regarding different classes, creatures, saving throws, and other mechanics. I’m trying to make sense of three different iterations of Dungeons & Dragons rules, while also observing the alterations made to those rules for the different CRPGs that utilise them.

Of the attempts that I’ve made, and there have been a few, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is my lone success, as that features a d20 system derived from the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. I knew I made the right choice when I opted for a Scout instead of a Soldier. Following this, I had a reasonably successful campaign in Baldur’s Gate that abruptly ended when tragedy struck. Imoen, one of few capable companions, died and couldn’t be resurrected, as it would crash to desktop every time I entered a temple. I didn’t have an earlier save file, either. I’d assumed that I could easily resurrect her once I’d escaped the dungeon, but it wasn’t to be. I recovered her equipment, though. It burdens me to this day as I’ve not revisited that save file since. It’s not like I need to manage an inventory that I’m not actively using.

I’ve also had two unsuccessful campaigns in Icewind Dale, and most recently I’ve revisited Neverwinter Nights with a Rogue/Cleric build. An unorthodox- but promising- build that I wasn’t intending to see through the main campaign. But did help to highlight some of the mistakes that I was making. It didn’t, however, help me to understand spells per day. Or why she had so few of them. But, because of that build, and a greater understanding of the mechanics, I’ve devised a new Ranger/Rogue build to try and complete Neverwinter Nights in its entirety.

I had considered a Ranger/Druid build.

But I didn’t heed the neutral alignment requirement for Druids, and so settled on Rogue to be able to open locked chests (or doors) and disarm traps more reliably. I don’t suffer any experience penalty as a Halfling, either. So I’m able to invest in Rogue levels as and when I need to.

I doubt I’ll be taking this Ranger/Rogue build through the expansion packs, though. As those campaigns can be experienced with a fresh character. It’d be foolish to not even consider something different. Something like a Half-Orc Cleric. Misunderstood but righteous, with a two-handed axe for solving problems that spells can’t. Surprisingly, I’ve got a rather extensive- if not largely unsuccessful- history with Dungeons & Dragons. One formed entirely from my experiences with CRPGs, but one that has ignited a passion in me all the same. Neverwinter Nights will hopefully be the first of many successes, as I own numerous CRPGs, but things tend to go awry, and I tend to become discouraged as I often encounter more failures than successes. One can but try, though. And I’m very trying. Just ask anyone who works with me.

Have a nice weekend, all!


“Magey, it’s cold outside.”

Of course it’s cold outside- we’re on the frozen plains while you have nowt but a loincloth to cover your loins.

Given the fact that the first town in Icewind Dale is surrounded by snow I’m surprised they haven’t frozen to death running around in little more than a suit of splint mail or leather armour. Though my Fighter and Paladin do have a helmet as well. But still- they should be frozen solid. Maybe they have incredibly high endurance? I know their Constitution scores are generally above 10-11 so maybe that’s it? They ate their greens, drank their milk, and done all the good things that we tell people to do but rarely do ourselves.

As you can probably tell I have started my adventures in the massive world of Icewind Dale. I was off to a rough start with my previous party (made to test that the game works more than anything else) but with my new and improved party things are much better. Even when we invaded a cave full of orcs by accident there were good results across the board.

I decided to tweet a few of my adventures from the first night.

If you’re looking for more Moggie-related gaming-inspired Tweets then be sure to check out my various stories from Legend of Grimrock. There were some silly ones like that time I fought many slimes, many crabs, solved many puzzles, and was joyously rewarded with a whole host of ice lizards. So I decided to take my rage out on their curtains for a laugh. Or that one light ball puzzle that had me stumped for a while as I was under the impression I was doing it wrong- when I wasn’t- and when I finally solved it I was full of joy and smug Tweet retaliation.

I never really use Twitter much for anything other than linking the sites together so I thought I’d tweet about games.

Some content is better than none, right? Right. Besides this is a pretty big part of what I do. I also post art related teaser tweets or random sketches that are kind of cool but more suited to the small size of images on Twitter cool. Rather than full blown pieces that when scaled up I just cringe endlessly at the quality. Or lack thereof.

When looking over the content I have posted on WordPress over the last six months I feel that the range of topics, quality, and general consistency is improving and diversifying. With that I want to bring the same to Twitter and Facebook to actually give those sites meaning. Twitter is pretty much done for the time being as I have a range of cat related, art related, gaming, random, and silly tweets which are posted regularly enough that I can consider it active. That and I feel like being more personable these days and being more social. Moggie is evolving into a social creature! Quick- press B- it cannot happen!

As for Facebook who knows? I don’t know what I’m doing with that. Maybe I should just bury it. I get the least interest and traffic there.

In any case here’s a mid-late November post that is trying desperately to make sure I don’t disappear until February next year like I have done for the last two years. I’m improving! Honest. I can do this. Or at least I think I can do this. We’ll see when there are either a consistent number of posts in December or if I go into hibernation over the winter months.

Have a nice Sunday, all!