Zombie Handler – 2015 – Ink – click for full view on site!

Commune with the spirits and raise beasts of war.

Witch Doctors likely don’t have any friendship issues. Lonely? Raise a friend! Need someone to talk to? Raise a friend! Need someone to wash the Witch Doctor mobile? Raise a friend! It’s pretty much the solution to every problem they could ever have. Also, when you visit the realms of the dead, which you likely will, you’ll get to see your old friends again. Besides the war with the forces of the Prime Evil being a Witch Doctor is pretty cool. Raise friends, smoke unidentified herbs, commune with spirits, and shoot poison blow darts at people you don’t like. Awesome stuff!

As noted previously, the range of pets and beasts you can summon is something I have always liked about the Witch Doctor.

It’s also something (the drawing of beasts and pets) I have little experience with. Animals? Yes. Bone creatures wrought from the corpses of your fallen enemies? Not so much. So, in many ways, this was an ambitious piece which required a new (yet familiar) approach. It’s one of the few multiple subject compositions I’ve done in quite some time, and, of the ones I have done, this was definitely the most challenging. I’ve also not really developed my ink style as much as I would have liked to (mostly due to constant indecision as to what I want to do with it). However, all of that taken into account, I think it came out quite well.

I’m pleased with it, at least. I also think it might have propelled me in a positive direction when it comes to what I want to do with my ink style and how to use ink in the future. I’m also planning to slap a gallon of digital paint on it later (just simple flat shading) as I enjoy doing that. So, there’s a lot to love from a singular piece.
I’m rather hoping this will also inspire me to do more multiple subject/complex compositions in the future.

I’ve missed those. Though, I don’t believe that singular subject compositions aren’t without merit. I think both are important when it comes to developing your range of skills- especially when you work across multiple media- as it promotes diversity in what you do. That and sometimes singular subject compositions are all you require for a particular idea.

To be able to throw some digital paint on it later is a bonus, too. That’s where I started with digital art eight years ago. I don’t think I’ll ever (or perhaps don’t want to) get the hang of painting from scratch in digital. I’m too set in my ways as a traditional artist. However, where opportunity presents itself, as in the case of this piece, there’s no harm in trying or adding something to a piece people already enjoy. It won’t be a post on here, though. So you’ll need to swing by my site to see the digital colour version if/when it’s completed. I’d rather not spam this blog with posts that derive from previously posted content. Unless it’s a major change/improvement.

In any case, that’s enough rambling from me for now. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the piece, to enjoy it, or to criticise it if you should so wish. Just nice to be back in that drawing saddle after the last couple of (problematic) years. I hope to have more pieces for you all soon-ish rather than later-ish.

Have a nice week, all!


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