Fruity Nostalgia

Wherein I unearth things.

One of the perks of being around cats all the time is that you get to unearth a lot of things. That is if they bother to bury them first. I’ve known one or two that don’t, it’s just sitting proudly amongst the litter. Gaze upon it in awe. Or don’t- that works too. In any case, just a short post today to show you this painting I found in a box of old sketchbooks. It’s funny the things you find when you’re not even looking for them, it’s also funny that this painting is eight years old and I only vaguely remember painting it.

I think it was painted with watercolour… something. I don’t think I had tubes back then.

Gaze upon it with unbridled confusion.
Gaze upon it with unbridled confusion.

It doesn’t have a name, either. Which probably explains what it was doing buried in a box of old sketchbooks in the first place. The subject matter is hardly surprising when you think about Lemon and Lime, The Melon Most Watery, Corn on the Cob, and the like. I’m just a man that likes fruit and vegetables. Mostly painting them. Not eating them.

In other news, I’ve made some minor updates to my personal site. Minor updates that took nearly a day and a half to do because I never give up on things once I’ve decided to do them. Good ol’ personality foibles. There are new thumbnails, minor layout changes, and general quality of life changes everywhere. I’ve even added another new piece to the site following Aquatic Owl. I decided to upload the owl from that post- Ol’ Hooty– as its own piece. It’s great that I’ve finally realised that I have a section for those sorts of things, as I’ve been able to share so many more pieces with you all as a result of it. Which is a good thing, right?

Have a nice week, all!


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