Old Man Gaming

“Back in my day, video games were released on multiple discs.” -Moggie

It’s one of the things from those days that I don’t actually miss. That said, the last physical video game I bought was Fallout 4 and prior to that was BioShock Infinite. So I don’t buy too many. But, when I do, I prefer that they’re not multiple discs as those multiple disc installations can get confusing. I still remember the first time I had a PC with enough resources (and HDD space) to do the fabled full installation of Diablo II. No disc switching to see those cinematics for me!

Earlier this month I realised that I hadn’t really played my new PS Vita very much.

There are different reasons for this, including, but not limited to: I’m an idiot, the full of release of Darkest Dungeon came along, the full release of Grim Dawn came along, I forgot my PlayStation Store password for a whole hour, I like spending money on things I don’t use, and I’ve been busy with all kinds of projects in the last few months. That said, recently I decided to complete my Final Fantasy collection. It’s not entirely complete as I intend to get a physical copy of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster. However, that is actually part of the broader point I am making here- it’s amazing that I can play PS1/PS2 titles on something this small.

I know I’ve been able to play SNES titles on the Gameboy Advance for a while. I also know (as I owned one) that the PSP could play some PS1 titles. But it boggles my mind to think that one of the first consoles I’d ever played on, which required multiple discs to store the data, and required Memory Cards to work, is now playable through a handheld system.

Especially when you look at something like Final Fantasy IX which was a pretty powerful title for its time. Likewise for Final Fantasy X, which was a pretty powerful title even for the hardware available in the PS2. It’s ridiculous how small they are, too. Final Fantasy VII comes in at 1.2gb. That’s nothing these days. I’ve got a great appreciation for this sort of thing as I remember, years ago, before the internet even, being excited to get home and play these titles on consoles.

Now I can just download them and play them whenever with my PS Vita.

I’ve only really got one regret about this and it’s that, as far as I know, there’s no way to get screenshots/video of these titles in action. I know I can take screenshots with the inbuilt PS Vita screenshot function, but that doesn’t work with certain apps (notably the PSOne Classic titles). Which is a shame as I’d love to do some content here on WordPress relating to them. I’ll continue looking around to see if there’s any way to stream my PS Vita to my PC. But I think that’s through Remote Play(?), which is only for streaming PS4 titles to your PS Vita. Still, if I can work something out- I’ll post some particular content about them here.

I actually (unintentionally) started Final Fantasy VII and it’s really great playing through it again. I don’t know, at some point you just start to feel old. Especially when I consider that Final Fantasy VII originally released in 1997 and I played it when it first came out. Nearly twenty years ago. Probably played it two-three times, too.

Have a nice week, all!