WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 9)

The Frostweave is flowing and the going is good.

Flowing straight to my Priest that is. Who then cuts it, designs it, and sews it to the fashion of many a Frostweave Bag. One of the few interesting side projects I’ve started in the short time that I’ve been back. I’ve been doing a fair amount of soloing out in Northrend, too. So this project has nearly reached its conclusion. It wasn’t ever something I had planned to do as I was (and still am) happy with Netherweave Bags, but now that she has the capability to sew something a little larger it does seem appropriate.

It’s not like more space could ever be a bad thing.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do recently is to bring all of the characters together. Slowly building a profession here, gathering some materials there, getting the odd level every so often, and generally steadily pushing everyone forward. It’s working rather well. Many of my Alliance characters are on the cusp of actually starting their levelling runs.

I’ve finished the current levelling run for my Survival Hunter, too. He’s sitting comfortably at Lvl 90 and taking a short break before heading out to Draenor. My Death Knight has also been boosted as per my decision in the previous post, which means I’ll be taking a bit of time to acclimatise myself to how he works. Moggie has been working on building an even larger garrison than he currently has. Which, to be entirely honest, is actually becoming significantly more difficult than originally anticipated. Mostly due to needing to unlock various achievements to acquire some plans for Lvl 3 buildings. Annoying, but, with the way things work in Warlords of Draenor, not entirely unexpected.

Islands in the Fel Fire, that is what we are, no-one in between, how can we be wrong?
Islands in the Fel Fire, that is what we are, no-one in between, how can we be wrong?

I’ve been looking at my Warlock, too. I want to bring him to Lvl 70 so that (if nothing else) he is in line with the rest of the Horde characters. Destruction Warlocks are certainly interesting, perhaps even more interesting than Frost Mages are to me (at the moment). That said, Outland does present a levelling experience which is quite jarring nowadays. There doesn’t seem to be an efficient/easy way to clear content quickly out there. He doesn’t need much, though. So I’ll be trying to push in Shadowmoon Valley and finishing off in Northrend.

Then there’s the newest addition in the form of the Monk.

I’d like to put a little time towards her, too. At least to Lvl 40 or so. Just something to make sure she isn’t sitting stagnant and (more than likely) staying that way as a result of it. But, for now, the attention falls to my Enhancement Shaman. Who will get arguably the second most awesome weapon for the duration of Legion.

Depends on if you rate Doomhammer above Ashbringer or not. I’d like my Shaman to at least push for Lvl 100 during the time I’ve got left. I’m hoping to push for a similar if not equivalent level of garrison completion that Moggie has, which might not be a realistic expectation. But I’d like to have one developed garrison on each side. As the two of them represent what could be considered my main characters for each faction. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the Death Knight is the primary moneymaker over there. It depends on the ability a Shaman has to solo similar content to what Moggie is capable of. Truly there’s a bit of everything going on at the moment.

Have a nice weekend, all!


WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 4)

It’s a cleanin’ day.

There’s a day for everything! You think I’m kidding- but I’m not. Though there isn’t a set schedule or anything… at least not yet. But there is a lot to do, which wasn’t made any easier with the recent pre-expansion patch which has basically reset the abilities of every class. Don’t get me wrong- I love the changes- but it only adds to the mountain of things to do.

Some of that mountain was chipped away yesterday. I started the Blood/Frost Death Knight who will one day join my other Horde characters. He just finished the introductory event, which means he’ll soon be on his way out to Outland. With a little help from Voljaarn and Kirinastei (Horde Warlock who happens to be a Tailor) he’s got a full suite of bags and bank tabs. Including the Reagent Bank, Void Storage, and even a little money to get started with. Not sure which professions he’ll be picking up, though. Might mirror Moggie’s professions on him.

At least I know how to level those professions. (Allegedly.)

I’ve little to no experience with Death Knights of any flavour. Even less now that they’ve changed everything around again. It’s odd, as I’ve never really had any inclination to roll a Death Knight. Not that I’d suggest rolling a Death Knight- they’re kind of pointy! Especially that greatsword which (to this day) remains my favourite item you can collect in the introductory event. Blood Death Knights are known for their sanguine immortality. Or near immortality. At current, that looks like it’s a combination of triggering Bone Shield and then using the Runic Power to Death Strike with reckless fury. There’s a lot of learning to do, though. Even if some of their abilities mirror a Paladin.

Home for an outcast.
Home for an outcast.

I also took some time to sort through every character, their professions, their talents, their banks, their Reagent Banks, and set up Void Storage for those who didn’t already have it. It was a costly venture in both gold and time- but it was worth it. Now I’m one step closer to being able to pick up any character at any time and continue levelling where I left off.

The Reagent Bank is perfect in this respect. Makes it so easy to combine whole bags worth of banked materials into one easy to access place. Void Storage has a role in all of this as (for some reason) I kept a lot of old equipment because I liked their appearances, which, oddly enough, is a thing I can use now. I’ve not ventured onto anyone but Moggie for some time. At least not ventured for too long. Soulfeast is one who gets a lot of visits because she’s the resident cloth hoarder. Moggie can only carry so much from all of that soloing.

Hopefully in the future there will be more characters soloing instances.

Now to get started on any of the characters I simply need to set up a basic rotation to familiarise myself with the abilities. They’re all at their appropriate profession progression, they all have nearly empty bags, their banks are now cleaned up, and everything is pretty much set. In fact, it was because of the earlier clean up that I was able to throw Voljaarn into the depths of a few Outland Heroics so easily. See? It’s already working! Enhancement Shamans are pretty cool, too. They seem to be able to choose different abilities and create their own unique rotations. Or, at least, that’s how I’m interpreting it so far.

Have a nice week, all!