Duriel – Eight Year Comparison

Here’s a fun little bonus post.

Most people would attempt to bury something like this- but not me! No, I wear it proudly. Or, I would, if it were an article of clothing. This is and isn’t an entirely fair comparison, though. Given that the earlier version was a marker and ink piece which I’m not entirely sure was ever meant to stand alone. At current, it’s a part of one of the older sketch dumps on my personal site. I bet you can’t guess which one! However, it is a fair comparison as the newer version could have marker applied to it fairly easily if I wanted to pursue that result.

Duriel - Eight Year ComparisonMost notable of the changes between the two is development of technique, technical skill, and attention to detail. You could throw confidence into that mix, too. Given that the newer version was an almost entirely experimental approach. Something that, knowing the younger version(s) of myself as I do, I wouldn’t have attempted back then. I hope you enjoy the insight into the changes/development, though. Some people really like to see how you develop over the years, and this is one the rare opportunities where you can.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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