Memories of the Vault

You’re really lucky you missed my Fallout 3 adventures, WordPress.

Those were the days. Almost six years ago I received the copy of Fallout 3 which would later be replaced by the Game of the Year Edition, had a GPU that wasn’t even supported and so needed replacing, and had a recurring power supply issue that rendered playing it a bit of a hit and miss experience. But I persevered. I replaced the GPU, I threw that old power supply out, and I spent the next four months falling in love with a game that to this day is still my most played.

I played it through the release of Fallout: New Vegas, I played it after the release, I played it over Christmas, I made a character based on my actual talents and proficiencies, and I’m pretty sure I’d still be playing it as much if I didn’t have a broader library these days. I’m not entirely sure as to why I enjoyed it as much as I did- but I did.

Exercise caution (and your legs) when engaging.
Exercise caution (and your legs) when engaging.

I also really enjoyed the release of Fallout: New Vegas. My machine was getting a bit older at that point and was starting to drop in performance, but that was a game I would slog through all of the issues to play as I dearly love the series. I even have the classic games which I do intend to finish at some point. I still prefer the feel of Fallout 3 to the more bustling, less sparse, more intact feeling they introduced with the Mojave Wasteland. It’s a nice change but Fallout 3 seemed to have a really solid atmosphere throughout. I also enjoyed the varied locales of Point Lookout and The Pitt from the DLC post-Fallout 3 completion.

I kind of wish I’d linked it to Steam then, too. All those achievements.

I’m pretty sure I’d have almost all of them now as I pretty much done everything there was to do in that game. Especially on the last character I had as he was the final one I had planned and so I wanted to cover as much of the game as I could. While, yes, I could probably get something ridiculous like twenty Steam achievements in one day if I linked it now it just wouldn’t be the same to me. Still, there’s always Fallout 4! I also have all of my Fallout: New Vegas achievements. Which are actually quite hard to increase as I don’t like the Legion as a rule.

Size Matters! +15 Big Guns per perk level.
Size Matters! +15 Big Guns per perk level.

So why am I telling you all this? No particular reason. I’ve never really spoken much about Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas on Moggie’s Proclamations as it wasn’t originally about gaming, which, at the time I started the blog, it would have been ripe for the last character I played. So, I figured I’d just talk about it at least once before Fallout 4 comes out and I look towards that.

Fallout 3 is one of those games, like Diablo II, and the first Borderlands, which stands out as being an experience I’m only going to get once. I can play Diablo II until my mouse dies of click-induced malfunction, I can roll every one of the four original Vault Hunters in Borderlands until there’s no more space left on my HDD, and I can embark on another journey across the Capital Wasteland for several hundred hours… but it will never be the same. Not the same as the first time. Which, for me, was the best time.

It’s not as gloomy as it seems. At least, if nothing else, even if I can’t recreate that, I know the experiences exist. Somewhere.

Have a nice week, all!