WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 6)

Survival Hunters are awesome.

Of the many changes that occurred during the pre-expansion patch there are few more surprising than Survival Hunters. Unlike their Marksmanship or Beast Mastery counterparts they’re no longer ranged DPS, instead their pets will join them in glorious blood drenched close quarters combat. They’ve still got their traps, too. It’s an oddly satisfying way to play a Hunter and pretty good for soloing due to the health regeneration on kill. In fact, I managed to solo the entirety of both Auchindoun and Coilfang Reservoir (Heroic) with my Lvl 73-74 Hunter.

I wasn’t planning to do that- but it’s pretty cool, no?

Levelling is once again becoming a major consideration for how best to use my time. Naturally, I’d like all of my characters to hit Lvl 90+ as that would significantly reduce the amount of work left to progress each one. That’s not really a realistic short term goal, though. There’s probably a good couple of months of levelling left in those characters yet.

I’ve begun the process of levelling my latest Pandaren Monk, too. I’m fairly certain she’s going to last. Unlike the other two. Decided to try out the Mistweaver Monk this time, which will make this levelling experience quite interesting as I don’t believe I’ve ever levelled as a healer before. Then again, I don’t even know if that was possible back when I made my first characters. She might not have as many offensive abilities (or anywhere close to a similar DPS) as a Windwalker- but she can still fight. She’s got a few kicks, a taunt (for some reason), and a whole bunch of abilities I’ve never seen before. I’ve always been particularly fond of healing over time so I’m glad it looks like she’s going to be doing a lot of that.

Once more to Redridge Mountains.
Once more to Redridge Mountains.

Otherwise we’ve been winding down for closing time. I’ve done a final sweep of the banks, the inventories, and even the guild banks to make sure that I’m holding onto the correct materials. I also built a flying machine that I can’t use! My Gnomish Engineer requires Artisan Riding (which is incredibly expensive). But, hey- I built it. It’s in her inventory. I should also get started on the Flying Carpet for my Orc Warlock. Then again, have you seen the prices of Golden Draenite these days?

They’re almost as ridiculous as the prices of Khorium.

The birth of the new Monk also marks the end of this series. I originally planned to have six posts and I’ve tried to make sure each is about a specific topic, event, or character to keep things fresh and interesting for everyone reading. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any more posts, though. It really depends on whether I feel it’s appropriate to continue the series.

I think it’s one of my best series, too. One of the best I’ve written, one of the most enjoyable to write, and probably quite interesting if you’re a fan of World of Warcraft. Even better if you’ve been away for a while too. You’ll be just as confused about all of the new changes as I am. It’s been great getting to know all of the classes again, though. Seeing all of the recent changes, all of the updates, and participating in the questing experience present in Warlords of Draenor. I’m much more interested in Legion as a result of it. If I ever make it to the Broken Isles I might expand this series, but until such a time- thank you for being here! It’s been great! Glad to have had you along for the ride.

Have a nice weekend, all!


WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 5)

An enticing mistress.

One of the most interesting aspects about this return to World of Warcraft is how much I’m enjoying it. I fully expected that after the free week I got earlier this year that the nostalgia would wear off- but it hasn’t. I’m probably more nostalgic than I’ve ever been. I’m not entirely sure if that’s because I’ve got more content to experience than I know what to do with, or that I really didn’t like Cataclysm. To be honest, while soloing a few of the dungeons the other day I got the same feeling even then. Cataclysm… just wasn’t good.

Which is odd when you consider that’s when Moggie started to make significant progress. But, still, the silly rotation that Retribution inherited along with the general class changes just made me feel a lot more comfortable in Protection. Which then led to me soloing almost all of the time as I wasn’t interested in the world content.

Hence why my subscription kind of fell to the wayside for a while.

Warlords of Draenor has certainly increased the chances I’d maintain an active subscription by a significant percentage. I’m a lot happier, having a lot more fun, and enjoying all of the content I’ve experienced since I’ve returned. It could be that once the excess content expires I’ll burn out in the same way as I did before. But, I don’t know- I don’t feel like that’s going to happen this time. Even looking at the sustainable progress I’ve made with my Horde characters fills me with an amount of enthusiasm. I’ll probably be doing a lot more with those in the future as a result of it, too. It’s also nice to have some new characters to experience content with. Further still if I purchase Legion and invest in a Demon Hunter.

As it does on yours, Thrall.
As it does on yours, Thrall.

The Horde has been a major focus this time around. I spent some time with my Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock building up their professions to make sure they’re all relevant to the content they’re currently levelling through. Voljaarn (the Shaman) has also been through the Mists of Pandaria content and is now sitting happily in his garrison. Warlords of Draenor content is next on his list but I don’t know if he’ll be pushing to Lvl 100 just yet. I’ve got a couple of other characters to think about first.

Kirinastei (the Warlock) is one of those. As he was the only character I had prior to the Warlords of Draenor upgrade that wasn’t Lvl 70 or higher. Levelling through Outland (or at least half of it) seems to suggest that the experience there is unchanged, which likely means Northrend is also as I remember it. Cataclysm, too. Mists of Pandaria just seems quicker by default.

There’s also the newly made Death Knight.

I’m still debating whether it’s a better idea to use the free Lvl 90 boost (that I likely won’t use elsewhere) to improve his professions or progress through them organically. I don’t particularly like skipping levelling experiences, though. I’d rather not level the character at all than skip all of it entirely. Still, Death Knights are a bit of an exception to that rule. Then again, I begin to wonder if Demon Hunters might face similar problems. However, while I’m not entirely sure of this, it would seem that you can progress through professions in Warlords of Draenor regardless of currently known recipes. So maybe that’s an option for the two of those? It’s a difficult choice to make as it’s somewhat permanent once committed to.

Have a nice week, all!


WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 4)

It’s a cleanin’ day.

There’s a day for everything! You think I’m kidding- but I’m not. Though there isn’t a set schedule or anything… at least not yet. But there is a lot to do, which wasn’t made any easier with the recent pre-expansion patch which has basically reset the abilities of every class. Don’t get me wrong- I love the changes- but it only adds to the mountain of things to do.

Some of that mountain was chipped away yesterday. I started the Blood/Frost Death Knight who will one day join my other Horde characters. He just finished the introductory event, which means he’ll soon be on his way out to Outland. With a little help from Voljaarn and Kirinastei (Horde Warlock who happens to be a Tailor) he’s got a full suite of bags and bank tabs. Including the Reagent Bank, Void Storage, and even a little money to get started with. Not sure which professions he’ll be picking up, though. Might mirror Moggie’s professions on him.

At least I know how to level those professions. (Allegedly.)

I’ve little to no experience with Death Knights of any flavour. Even less now that they’ve changed everything around again. It’s odd, as I’ve never really had any inclination to roll a Death Knight. Not that I’d suggest rolling a Death Knight- they’re kind of pointy! Especially that greatsword which (to this day) remains my favourite item you can collect in the introductory event. Blood Death Knights are known for their sanguine immortality. Or near immortality. At current, that looks like it’s a combination of triggering Bone Shield and then using the Runic Power to Death Strike with reckless fury. There’s a lot of learning to do, though. Even if some of their abilities mirror a Paladin.

Home for an outcast.
Home for an outcast.

I also took some time to sort through every character, their professions, their talents, their banks, their Reagent Banks, and set up Void Storage for those who didn’t already have it. It was a costly venture in both gold and time- but it was worth it. Now I’m one step closer to being able to pick up any character at any time and continue levelling where I left off.

The Reagent Bank is perfect in this respect. Makes it so easy to combine whole bags worth of banked materials into one easy to access place. Void Storage has a role in all of this as (for some reason) I kept a lot of old equipment because I liked their appearances, which, oddly enough, is a thing I can use now. I’ve not ventured onto anyone but Moggie for some time. At least not ventured for too long. Soulfeast is one who gets a lot of visits because she’s the resident cloth hoarder. Moggie can only carry so much from all of that soloing.

Hopefully in the future there will be more characters soloing instances.

Now to get started on any of the characters I simply need to set up a basic rotation to familiarise myself with the abilities. They’re all at their appropriate profession progression, they all have nearly empty bags, their banks are now cleaned up, and everything is pretty much set. In fact, it was because of the earlier clean up that I was able to throw Voljaarn into the depths of a few Outland Heroics so easily. See? It’s already working! Enhancement Shamans are pretty cool, too. They seem to be able to choose different abilities and create their own unique rotations. Or, at least, that’s how I’m interpreting it so far.

Have a nice week, all!


WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 3)

The end of an era.

Wrath of the Lich King was one of my favourite expansions for World of Warcraft. While that might be an unpopular opinion with some, I’ve always wanted to conclude the story of the Lich King and participate in the siege of Icecrown Citadel. It’s a pretty epic event. It’s also huge. I’m actually surprised as to how deep and complex both The Black Temple and Icecrown Citadel have been. That said, Moggie was nowhere near ready to face off against the Lich King when the raid was still relevant.

It’s been one of my regrets over the last few years.

During Cataclysm I reckon it would have been nearly impossible to solo that encounter. In fact, when I came back for the week earlier in the year I attempted to siege the gates as a test to see how possible it would have been. I didn’t have too much faith in my ability to defeat the bosses, though. It was evident I’d need to be more powerful. Significantly more powerful.

It’s likely that if I was active during Mists of Pandaria that a Lvl 90 Moggie might have been able to do it. But that’s irrelevant now. Yesterday I spent some time out in Northrend completing dungeons and I’ve finally got a complete set of all classic dungeons, all Outland dungeons (and Heroics), and now all Northrend dungeons (and Heroics). I’m slowly working through the various raids as I have a few left from classic, a few more from Outland, and a few in Northrend. Icecrown Citadel was amongst the raids I soloed yesterday, too. Moggie was finally able to witness the fall of the Lich King in person. Delivering the final (and every other) blow to Arthas to conclude their stories.

"No king rules forever."
“No king rules forever.”

Moggie has nearly completed every piece of content available when he was first created. He’s also seen some things. Like the fall of the Theramore, the retaking of Gnomeregan, the events of the Broken Shore, the second invasion of the Legion, and experienced many classic raid stories. Notably those of Molten Core, The Black Temple, Icecrown Citadel, and Karazhan. It’s hard to believe that all of that could have been possible when I made him six years ago. Admittedly, few of these things were done when the content was relevant- but the memories are just as precious.

It’s far from over, though.

In the last couple of years there has been a steadily increasing amount of content introduced to World of Warcraft. But will Moggie be there to experience it? Good question. I’m currently looking towards all of the Cataclysm dungeons (and Heroics), then I’ll likely move onto the Mists of Pandaria dungeons (and Heroics). Not sure where I’ll fit the raids into this.

Even if he isn’t there to experience it… I’m glad he was there to experience this. The end of a story six years in the making, across several continents, over several expansions, through quests and dungeons, collecting accomplishments, honouring old content, and taking the fight to them as a Retribution Paladin. Or as Protection Paladin. But Moggie has always been and will always be a Retribution Paladin. While he was never intended to be my main (in the most literal sense)- he certainly has become that. That said, Moggie has funded a great many things over the years and has supported many of my other characters. So, really, in the end, while he is the most played the others certainly have a place and a purpose in all of this.

Have a nice week, all!


WoW: Adventures in Azeroth (Pt. 2)

It’s a fishin’ day.

Probably the least developed of all of Moggie’s professions for the reason that I only do it when I absolutely need to. I don’t particular enjoy it, nor does it have much of a purpose outside of a few quests and a few achievements. That said, Warlords of Draenor introduced a new Cooking system which was made much easier by being able to fish in my garrison. So it was about time to take out that rod I never use, attach some baubles to it, and fish for a couple of hours. The good news is that Moggie has now mastered Cooking (again).

The bad news is that Fishing is still trailing by a considerable margin.

On the topic of garrisons- they’re awesome! They remind me of the days of building settlements in Warcraft III. I’m particularly enjoying how organic the growth process is, how easy they are to manage, and how much use they have. I love the idea of things like the mine (where you can harvest Mining nodes every day). I also love that they’re fully customisable.

I did make a slight mistake and build a Forge believing that was for a smelting the ore I’ve found. But the Mine and the associated work orders are for that. That said, the Forge does allow me to craft equipment which Moggie can use. So all is not lost. Especially if I’m missing a very particular piece of equipment that I can easily craft myself. I’ve still got the ability to upgrade Moggie’s garrison one final time, so I’m sure that will give me the opportunity to fill in another building or two to cover what I would have built in place of the Forge. Probably somewhere I can access my bank or perhaps an auctioneer (if that’s an option). I’m really enjoying the garrison concept, though.

I have no idea what I'm standing in...
I have no idea what I’m standing in…

Mists of Pandaria was quite an enjoyable experience, too. I cleared through the Lvl 85 to Lvl 90 levelling experience in two zones (and a few straggler quests elsewhere). That said, I don’t actually mind that so much as I can experience other zones on other characters with a fresh perspective. Unlike, say, Cataclysm, where Moggie finished most of the quests in pretty much every one of the areas while levelling from Lvl 80 to Lvl 85. Could also throw Voljaarn (Troll Enhancement Shaman) out there as well. Get the Horde perspective.

Warlords of Draenor has been pretty awesome as well.

I’ve always liked alternate history/universe stories, though. The visuals, the quests, and pretty much everything has been fantastic so far. I’m quite excited about going for the achievement which unlocks flying, not only to be able to fly but to be able to explore more of the world. There’s a myriad of hidden goodies scattered across this world. Some are pretty powerful, too.

I’m not entirely sure where Moggie will be going after he reaches Lvl 100, either. I want to do the other pre-release events if possible. I’ve already had some fun pushing back the various invasions across Azeroth. I wasn’t particularly good at it- but I was there. Which is probably a twofold problem of both my current level and the quality of my equipment. Neither are probably at the level they need to be to do pre-release events. But, they will be later. There’s also a whole list of places to explore, dungeons to solo, raids to attempt, and various other things to see out in the world. So I don’t think I’ll get bored. I might go for a few lava baths with ol’ Ragnaros (Molten Core) for some nostalgic dips down memory lane.

Have a nice week, all!