Moggie’s Proclamations was originally conceived as a means to share my creative efforts. This motivation has remained unchanged in recent years and below you’ll find the various creative content that I’ve posted, which has been extensively categorised to not only be accessible but to encourage the viewing of other pieces. I’m continually updating this page, so newly posted content will be added to the categories on a regular basis.


2012 – Coloured Pencil | Cuddly
2012 – Marker | Ancient Evil
2015 – Ink | Groot
2015 – Ink | Zombie Handler
2016 – Ink | Duriel
2016 – Ink | Slasher
2016 – Digital | Draenei Paladin
2016 – Coloured Pencil | Bomb


2012 – Watercolour | Sherbet Afro
Highlight | The Sacred Cow
Highlight | Grotti v2
2015 – Watercolour | Brahmin
2017 – Digital | Older and Wiser
2018 – Digital | Hunter’s Notes: Paolumu
2018 – Digital | Neither Man Nor Machine


Highlight | Wisdom
2012 – Watercolour | He Who Brought Life
2014 – Pencil | Cut off a Length
2016 – Ink | One Horn Bill (Ink)
2016 – Digital | “Wark! Wark!”

Material Studies

Pencil, Ink | Unnatural Entities
Digital | Glossy Eyeball
Ink | Ink Reaver
Pencil | Equal Opposites
Coloured Pencil, Ink, Marker | Aquatic Owl
Ink, Watercolour | Fishy Abomination
Acrylic | Leafy Green
Pencil, Digital | Anatomical Fish
Ink, Digital | Multiple Attempts
Pencil, Coloured Pencil, Ink | Corruption Collection
Digital | To Ink a Deathclaw
Pencil, Ink | Mushroom Inspired
Ink | Melty Black Goo
Ink, Watercolour | Mushroom Fluidity
Pencil, Digital | Comparison in Blood
Pencil, Digital | Comparison in Iron
Ink | Greatly Textured Horns
Digital | Fluffy But Terrifying
Digital | Horrific Resurrection

Creativity (Or The Lack Thereof)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

Everything Else

Training Dummy
“You look like a man who likes desks.”
“He’s the father of a legend, just Saiyan.”
Warming up the Bird
Not What You Expected to See
Sketchy Dragonborn
Composition of a Moggie
Pausing the Travels
Collected Pieces
Seasonal Tradition
Graphite Haze
No Success Like Failure
Duriel – Eight Year Comparison
Painting Pencil
Bleeding Ink
Fruity Nostalgia
Building an Abomination
Murky Lioness
Beastly Practices
Momentary Regret
Happiness Hat
Pug Life
Season of Change
Expensive Mistakes
Momentary Disappearance (Pt. 1)
Fluffy Beak
Accelerating Rate of Change (Pt. 1)
Unholy Evolution
Further Integration
Solemn Rumination