Winsor & Newton Ink Exhibition

In March this year Winsor & Newton were running a competition to create a Limited Edition Ink Gift Box, the winners were announced some time ago but starting tomorrow there’s going to be an exhibition featuring a selection of the entries. In which my work will be featured. Isn’t that awesome?!

The exhibition is taking place in London and you can read more about it here.

I got my invitation to the private view last Thursday and I couldn’t have been happier about receiving the news. It feels really great to get some recognition, even in a small way, as a visual artist, and actually makes you feel like it’s all been worth it.
There’s always a sense of self-worth to art, but the beautiful thing about art is sharing it with others, and sometimes you feel an amount of loneliness when you’re not sure if you’re actually reaching anyone.

In either case, I feel this is an incredible opportunity for amateur artists as it’s such a boost of confidence and you have an immense amount of pride in your work. Or at least I do.

For those wondering the piece that will be featured is Wisdom.

There is also going to be a video of the private view, after the event, which Winsor & Newton are going to have posted on their Facebook page. So even for those who can’t be there- you won’t miss out on seeing it. Which, again, I think is a nice touch, and is a great way to share the event with everyone you know and share that experience.

As this is going to be an entirely new experience for me and I have no idea what I am supposed to do once I get there. I’ll probably be the only guy there in a suit, though.

In either case, if you are in London, it’s open to the public for eleven days at the Griffin Gallery and looks like it’s going to be a brilliant time for all. I’ll probably only be attending at the private view as I’ve got things going on that week and I have a whole lot of things to deal with regarding my new position soon.

That’s all for now!

Have a nice weekend (or what remains of it), all.