About Moggie

David Wilkshire | London, England
Contact via moggie (at) davidwilkshire.co.uk

Hi! I’m Moggie. I do things on the internet. I’m primarily an artist with numerous traditional approaches which manifest as graphite and coloured pencil illustrations, watercolour and acrylic paintings, ink illustrations, and alcohol marker illustrations. I’ve recently gained some proficiency (and found much joy) with digital paintings and illustrations as well. I also play video games. Lots of video games.

I can usually be found exploring some kind of RPG whether it’s an ARPG, JRPG, or MMORPG. I’m often accompanied by cats on these grand adventures, too. At times they’ll haphazardly tap a hotkey and activate an ability with a long cooldown, drink some sort of potion, or minimise the window entirely. It’s one of the many joys of being a part of their lives. I’m sure they don’t actually know what they’re doing. …Or do they?

I’m not one for comprehensive introductions but I hope that you’ve gleaned some idea of who I am. You can learn about the things that I do, the things that I’ve created, or the things that make me happy by exploring any (or all) of the content I’ve posted. If you should be so inclined or have any other questions, feel free to contact me on the aforementioned e-mail address.

Customer Testimonials

“I asked him to paint my eggplant and the next thing I knew I wasn’t able to cook with it any more. I suppose
I should have been more specific.”
-Charlotte Ann

“He’s a pretty rad dude that loves cats.” -Peter Honey

“Honestly, that’s the sexiest painting of a cow I’ve ever seen.” -Fiona Ake

“I can feel the cosmic energies of karmic balance reverberating from the fine brush work of your paintings.
I am one with the lemon and the lime. I am a zesty summer fruit.”
-Frederic Raud