Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Intergalactic Renegade (Pt. 9)

Whispers from the deep.

Reverberating in the minds of those affected by their treacherous indoctrination, which should (but doesn’t) include Sordid Shepard. Her mind is filled only with her own egotistical self-importance. She does need to address this situation, though. Lest more innocents be led astray by these ancient behemoths. So unto the depths of the ocean she goes with nothing more than a rickety old diving suit, as these creatures may be the last hope that the universe has for winning this war. They may also try to murder her once she’s confined to their undersea domain.

But that’s understandable.

And it’s still better than revisiting Omega at the behest of Aria. I can’t pretend that I was entirely committed to that excursion, as I wasn’t. And that was before the developers brought back the worst combat mechanics of Mass Effect 2 for its sparse (but monotonous) combat encounters.

Monotony that was only bearable because she is now able to use Flare (inherited from Aria), and that allows her to tear through barriers with ease. Meaning that she is no longer terrified of Banshees because of their barriers. Just because of their erratic movements and surprising deadliness in close quarters combat, which are arguably greater concerns. But those can be solved by simply running away. Not that there’s much sense in running if you can’t fight back, as even bullets empowered by Incendiary Ammo are ineffective against their formidable protections. Hence why they’re so terrifying. Insanity difficulty has undoubtedly made them more aggressive, but aggressiveness is inherent in their design, as Mass Effect 3 boasted considerably challenging combat on every difficulty level. Which I couldn’t be happier about.

And thus her synthetic army was born.
No excursion was more embarrassing than agreeing to meet Joker for lunch, though. Not only because she fell through a fish tank in a sushi restaurant, but because she had to fight her way back to her newly acquired apartment with nothing but a silenced pistol. She then had to suffer through the worst boss encounter in Mass Effect 3. One that seemed conceptually interesting but failed spectacularly in its execution. Fighting an enemy Vanguard should be an exciting prospect, and should demonstrate how proficient you’ve become with your character class.

But it was just constant Nova spam.

Which makes no sense whatsoever, as the enemy Vanguard didn’t have a barrier- they had a shield- so they shouldn’t have even been able to use Nova. As it exhausts your barrier when used, and requires your barrier to be intact before use, so they definitely shouldn’t be able to spam it.

However, as ridiculously frustrating as that encounter was, it did result in Sordid Shepard being able to go to the best party in the universe, so it was (mostly) worth it. I believe that this was a post-release DLC brought together specifically for the fans, and was meant to serve as an affectionate goodbye to those enraptured by the trilogy. It certainly felt that way to me. And I believe it probably felt that way to the talent that brought these experiences to life, as it’s not possible to be involved with something for so long and not grow attached to it. I know that I’ll miss Mass Effect Legendary Edition once Mass Effect 3 draws to a close. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, as I’ve completed the Mass Effect trilogy before, but I suppose it never gets any easier saying goodbye to experiences that you have fond memories with.

Have a nice week, all!


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