Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Intergalactic Renegade (Pt. 7)

Secrets of a race long extinguished.

Secrets that would have been lost were it not for Sordid Shepard handing them over to an organisation more questionable than her decisions. They claim that this technology will be used for the betterment of humanity, but I’m reasonably certain that this will go horribly wrong. Especially with them. They’re probably going to try to build something sinister like a sentient space station with it, then deny all knowledge of said space station when it starts eating its own inhabitants. Or something absurd like that. It really wouldn’t surprise me after all that we’ve seen.

And all that we’ve endured.

We even endured the final confrontation with no casualties, which is to be expected as nothing bad could ever befall Sordid Shepard or her squad. It’s inconceivable. So inconceivable that I’m unsure as to why I continue to humour the possibility that something could actually happen.

I’ve always been fond of how Mass Effect 2 concludes its main campaign, as you’re repeatedly encouraged to bring together a squad of loyal companions, and doing so allows each to make an individual contribution during the concluding events. You aren’t usually afforded the opportunity to bring together such an extensive squad. But I’m glad that you could, as the resulting experience is an exhilarating one-of-a-kind confrontation which perfectly exhibits the diversity present in Mass Effect 2. It definitely feels like the developers were experimenting with different mechanics. I do, however, lament the loss of the broad character development mechanics from Mass Effect, which is my only criticism of Mass Effect 2. But that’s only because I greatly enjoying tweaking statistics and obsessing over new equipment.

We may perish so that humanity may have hope.

Transitioning to Mass Effect 3 should be straightforward enough, as the majority of the changes introduced in Mass Effect 2 persist in Mass Effect 3. Character classes have been slightly adjusted, resulting in significantly improved individual proficiencies compared to their Mass Effect 2 counterparts. Sets of armour continue to be built from individual pieces. And weapons now utilise mods much as they did in Mass Effect. Considering the implications of these changes, especially those to biotic abilities, I’ve decided to carry Sordid Shepard forward as a Vanguard.

Which could be a terrible decision.

But being able to immediately prioritise the acquisition and use of an assault rifle helps considerably. Not only because assault rifles tend to have substantially more ammunition than shotguns, but because shotguns and pistols can be very finicky. Whereas assault rifles are incredibly versatile.

Combat now has an intensity that demands flexibility and is immensely satisfying for that reason. Mobility is also crucial to survival. You can’t entrench behind cover and weather the oncoming onslaught as reliably as you could in Mass Effect 2. Making these encounters not only more challenging but also more enjoyable, as every enemy presents its own identifiable threat and these can be dealt with in a number of ways. Enemies also seem to lack the armour that stifled biotic abilities in Mass Effect 2. Encouraging you to compose more diverse squads as most squad members are once again useful in some way or another. I’d begun to regret carrying her forward as a Vanguard as I didn’t feel that she was nearly as impressive as she once was, but now I’m starting to feel that she’s more impressive than she ever was.

Have a nice week, all!


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