Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Intergalactic Renegade (Pt. 6)

How they wish for Presidium fish.

Krogan seem to be obsessed with the idea of them. Wrex mentioned them, the random krogan on the Zakera Ward mentioned them, and I’m sure that Grunt would mention them if I ever brought him to the Citadel. Not that I’m purposefully not bringing him to the Citadel, he just isn’t in the squad as much as his counterpart was in Mass Effect. Likely due to how biotic abilities have changed in Mass Effect 2. He also doesn’t like to stay behind cover as he has shotgun and an insatiable lust for ceaseless conflict, but that could be said of every squad member.

They don’t utilise cover or its benefits.

Or they refuse to acknowledge that cover even exists. Or, most confusingly, they run from their designated cover up to an enemy and fire at them while out in the open. Which is not the decision that I’d make in that situation, but then I don’t have a shield or a barrier to soak incoming damage.

Even if their varied protections do nothing to prevent their untimely demise, because those who dare to poke their head above cover for but a moment are quickly eviscerated. Which is truly perplexing when you consider that Medi-Gel is ludicrously limited in Mass Effect 2, and there are no ways to easily (and reliably) replenish it. Hence why Sordid Shepard usually finishes most encounters by herself. It’s easier than worrying about where her next Medi-Gel is coming from. I’ve always wondered whether the lack of ammunition was due to Insanity difficulty, as the difficulty level might alter the drop chance of Thermal Clips, but Medi-Gel is a fixed drop from specific locations. So I doubt that Insanity difficulty is affecting that unless there are less fixed drops available. But then Mass Effect 2 is such a wonderfully curious experience.

Threats of violence can be an excellent motivator.

The majority of the Missions concern the acquisition (and loyalty) of squad members, which is why I haven’t mentioned them as they’re all somewhat spoiler-ish. There are a handful of Missions that directly progress the main campaign, though. But they tend to appear quickly, as they’re (mostly) time-based. Even the DLC, which I’d not experienced prior to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, is confined to particular environments, and usually introduce mechanics of their own. Which serves to further confuse how best you should approach its abundant content.

It’s a fascinating blend of mechanics.

But a blend that doesn’t always highlight the strengths that Mass Effect 2 has. Missions and Assignments have such unusual diversity, which can be slightly disorientating when you’ve become accustomed to the mechanics established in Mass Effect. But it is also fascinating in its way.

Now that I’ve brought together the aforementioned team of misfits, it’s finally time to recover experimental alien technology and install it onto the Normandy. Because that’s clearly a good idea that won’t go terribly wrong. EDI will be overseeing the installation personally, as I won’t need to worry about viruses or glitches if she handles it. Everything will work as well as it can be expected to. I definitely won’t be drawn into conflict that I’m unprepared for due to amateurish mistakes. Conflict that has its own time-based repercussions that are never explained (or even hinted at), but that you’re expected to be fully conversant with. Not that I believe that these repercussions significantly affect the outcome of the final confrontation (or related achievements), but they do alter the events witnessed during that excursion.

Have a nice week, all!


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