First Impressions of… For The King

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Godsbeard, that is. Or just about any other herb that you find. Because ingesting herbs to benefit from their various properties is not something that they do in Fahrul, as they prefer to smoke them instead. Hence why every town has a limited supply. Everyone can enjoy the rich, smooth, smoky flavour of Panax with a fresh goblet of mead. Making this a fairly expensive habit, as each herb eventually becomes rather expensive.
For The King is a delightfully creative RPG featuring numerous campaigns, distinct character classes, and gruelling challenges.

Challenges bolstered by rising Chaos.

One of the many mechanics that you’ll need to be aware of, as letting Chaos amass only leads to ruination. Forcing you to fight devastating Chaos Beasts and destroy monuments dedicated to their profane master. Something that you really should try to avoid if at all possible.

You’ll encounter countless events during the different campaigns, and most require you to utilise different statistics through dice rolls. Some involve interacting with NPCs. And some others simply afford considerable boons to your current attempt. Most of these are unlocked by default, but some require the acquisition of Lore which can be spent in the (aptly named) Lore Store. This can be spent on unlocking new cosmetics, new events, new equipment, or new character classes and each contributes to increasingly diverse campaigns. Exponentially improving (and hastening) the experience with each failed attempt. It’s an interesting concept and one that perfectly suits this experience. One of braving the dangers on land, at sea, or in an endless dungeon under different conditions for different rewards.

There are pearls hidden deep in these perilous caves.

Unfortunately, it’s also an experience that seems almost entirely down to luck. Everything from moving across the world map to dealing damage in combat is a dice roll, and there are few ways to influence those dice rolls. Other than spending Focus Points to guarantee that a number of slots will be a success. But you can’t rely on having those, nor should you need to, as with reasonably decent statistics these dice rolls shouldn’t be risky, but they always seem to fail more often than not. Even when the percentages suggest that they shouldn’t be failing as often as they do.

Especially during combat.

I like the unusual status ailments, but there have been encounters where I’ve been unable to act for several turns. Due to being repeatedly slowed, shocked, cursed, and so on. Not that these encounters have resulted
in the death of my entire party, they’re just frustrating to watch.

For The King has some really interesting mechanics, but these mechanics rarely balance the absurdity that occurs during any of the campaigns. Not that I’m entirely sure whether these mechanics are functioning as they should be. I’ve sailed around for roughly an hour trying to find a quest that reduces Chaos, only to find that no-one has any available quests, only to find later that they did, but they were seeming unavailable until an arbitrary requirement had been met. Which is not to suggest that this is a terrible experience, just that I abhor investing ten hours into a campaign only to fail at the whims of luck. However, should this be the kind
of experience that you’re looking for, then I recommend For The King, as it’s such a fascinating concept that is only let down by its execution and its uneven randomisation.

Have a nice week, all!


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