The Fisherman of Legend

Beasts beneath the shifting sands.

What began as a quest to catch a humble Shaman Fish soon became an obsession, as each fish requested by the ageing fisherman was rarer than the last. I’d normally avoid fishing like the Black Scrawl. But this was a surprisingly satisfying process of discovering where best to catch certain fish, which bait to use, and then tirelessly fighting for supremacy. It was certainly more engaging than revisiting The Aerie for the hundredth time seeking Eagle Eggs. But such is what I must do to satiate my compulsive (and somewhat concerning) desire to collect things.

Such desires only lead to ruination.

Or suffering through content that isn’t particularly fun to acquire things that I’m unlikely to ever actually use, as best describes the time that I spent with The World Of The Recycled Vessel. Even if the acquisition of those weapons was beneficial as it unlocked the third and fourth endings.

Not that I’d ever suggest that The World Of The Recycled Vessel is indicative of the quality of the content in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, as it’s a relatively uninspired experience that barely contributes to the main campaign. Were it not for the weapons obtained there, and their importance in unlocking a further two endings, it could be entirely dismissed, as it only seems to serve as a means to acquire experience and rare items otherwise. It’s also a slog on the highest difficulty. The toughest enemies are easily capable of instantly defeating you, and their heightened statistics render your weapons largely ineffective. Even when they’re fully upgraded. These frustrations did lead to discovering creative uses for the Sealed Verses, though. As it quickly became tiresome whittling away at nearly impervious opposition.

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

I’ve enjoyed the combat besides that, though. There are various kinds of Shades to encounter, and each presents its own challenges and requires its own approach. Knowing how to chain together basic attacks, how to capitalise on opportunities with the Sealed Verses, and even which types of weapons are favourable
is crucial. Especially during boss encounters, as they often regenerate some of their health should you fail to reach the next phase in time. Healing items are also fairly limited. So you won’t be able to endlessly heal through damage taken.

You’ll need to carefully consider encounters.

Defeating hordes of Shades results (as expected) in the acquisition of experience points and innumerable items, while some encounters also (rarely) unlock new Words. You can apply these to both your weapons
and the Sealed Verses to alter their capabilities in numerous ways.

I’ve been anticipating the release of NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… since last year, and it has vastly exceeded every prior expectation. Having not experienced the original release of NieR RepliCant (or NieR Gestalt) I’m unsure as to what may have been added, removed, or altered with this version. I’ve also yet to uncover any information that directly connects these events to those of its sequel NieR: Automata. But I’m certain that one of the five endings will hint at how the two are related, or that the unsettling truths unveiled with each successive ending eventually explains how things came to be as they were. Not that they need to be directly connected. But I’m curious as to how the creation of YoRHa relates to the events taking place in this decaying world, and how certain events seemingly spiralled out of control.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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