Blinding Blitz of Blades

Shadows in the smoke.

Shadows that probably aren’t as effective as they could be, as I’m reasonably certain that they can only cast Shurikens and Acid Flask should I use those skills. And I’ve not specialised in either of those. Nor do I use them. I did specialise in Acid Flask briefly, but I replaced it with Smoke Bomb so that she could blind enemies and leech additional health per hit. Mostly due to her increasingly concerning fragility. Not that I expected this build to be the hardiest, as the Bladedancer dual-wields weapons which considerably increases the damage that they take.

Hence why I prioritised leeching health.

While it didn’t prevent her from taking the damage in the first place, it did allow her to recover from it without using her potions. Which was helpful during the surprisingly deadly boss encounters. Either she really is ridiculously fragile, or those bosses are significantly stronger now.

Or both could be true. The bosses could be stronger than they once were, but she could also be fragile enough that this becomes apparent. Not that this was the only change that I noticed. Regular enemies
seem to have become stronger, too. Which is just what I wanted. It really is. I’m not being sarcastic for once. Shrines have also been implemented. Those that I’ve found (and activated) seem to be solely beneficial, but I’m still hoping that non-beneficial variants exist as well. That’d be neat. I also can’t remember if quests were always this detailed or diverse, but there certainly seems to be more to do in each region than there was before. Not that any of this surprising. Updates such as these are the standard for these developers, and are the reasons why Last Epoch deserves the praise that it gets.

The inescapable corruption of the void.

Of the five character classes, the Rogue is, in my experience, easily the most versatile. I’d previously been impressed by the versatility of the Mage and its Spellblade Mastery, but the Rogue introduces mechanics that seem to unique to them. I’ve not seen any skill behave as Cinder Strike does. Nor have I seen any skill afford mobility in the same way that Dancing Strikes does. Mobility seems fundamental to the survivability of the Rogue regardless of their chosen Mastery, but I am curious as to how (if at all) the Falconer Mastery will benefit from that.

Or what the Falconer Mastery will actually do.

Looking at the character classes (and the multitude of Masteries) it could be just about anything. Thoughts such as these only make me more enthusiastic about the Masteries that haven’t been implemented yet, as they may also exhibit mechanics that we’ve not seen before.

I’ve been following the development of Last Epoch for some time, during which I’ve conceived many interesting character builds. Of which this build is no exception. Despite the mistakes that I’ve made, and those can easily be rectified by specialising in either of the aforementioned skills. Or both. Shadows didn’t really become relevant until the Bladedancer Mastery was unlocked, either. Prior to that, I only had them because I’d specialised in Smoke Bomb. Of course, had I not specialised in Smoke Bomb, they would have been contributing to her damage output, as they would’ve been replicating Acid Flask. But I’d like to believe that it would’ve been a minor contribution. If it wasn’t, I’d feel awful silly about not realising how those mechanics worked. And I wouldn’t want to do that now, would I?

Have a nice week, all!


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