Return to Sender

A trek across the Mojave.

In what could be considered Murderous Mabel’s finest hour, she infiltrated the NCR by wearing a disguise that fooled very few NPCs, to complete a quest that she shouldn’t be able to complete, and earn an achievement that she shouldn’t be able to earn. Wearing the disguise allowed me to accept the quest and roam their camps, but the majority of named NCR NPCs saw through it and immediately became hostile. Which, surprisingly, wasn’t a problem. As I was able to complete the Gun Runner’s Arsenal challenge to murder named NCR NPCs with certain weapons while upgrading radio equipment.

I strive for efficiency in all things- even murder!

I hadn’t really considered Gun Runner’s Arsenal challenges when conceiving this build, but it’s oddly capable of completing them. These challenges along with certain quests (such as Talent Pool and Arizona Killer) have allowed me to earn achievements that I’d missed with other builds.

I could’ve completed Return to Sender earlier and more conveniently but that would’ve been too easy. Murderous Mabel is quickly becoming one of my favourite builds due to the adversity that she faces, and to neatly conclude my business with the NCR before moving forward with Caeser’s Legion would’ve been unexciting. I could’ve murdered Benny and retrieved the Platinum Chip at The Tops, but decided to let him escape to The Fort because I wanted to meet Caeser before meeting Mr. House. Yet, despite orchestrating these events, I let Caesar die during the surgery, because I’m exploiting Caesar’s Legion as much as any other faction. I can’t think of any other build that I’ve done which has been this interesting or diverse. It’s been a wholly unique way to approach Fallout: New Vegas and its various DLC.

Light that gives us the strength to continue through unending hardship.

I doubt that I’ve ever completed Old World Blues in such a way before, either. Nor will I ever do so again. You’re required to remain at Big MT until its conclusion, which, given the immediate access to The Sink and the crafting facilities found therein, is not usually a problem. But Murderous Mabel relies on explosives and conventional weaponry. Old World Blues is brimming with science-y weaponry. Which is terrible when you’ve never invested in Energy Weapons. So I had to scavenge, scrounge, and craft every form of ammunition that I required. Even raw meat was scarcely available.

It truly felt like surviving in a foreign land.

I’m incredibly fond of how this build continues to develop and evolve. I’ve invested in the majority of the aforementioned Perks, and I’ve been increasingly diverse with my choices since then. They’re mostly true to my original intentions but some are opening up entirely new opportunities.

Following the completion of Old World Blues, Honest Hearts, numerous Gun Runner’s Arsenal challenges, and the majority of the main campaign I’m now adequately prepared for Dead Money. I’ve no idea what I’m going to encounter in that hellish domain, but I’m looking forward to seeing content that I’ve never experienced before. I’ve got a vague recollection of certain events but that’s it. I know that my investment in Melee Weapons will serve me well. I also know that I’m going to be stripped of my equipment once there, and that I’ll be surviving with limited supplies, but I don’t know whether I get any equipment back prior to its completion. Or how long this expedition is expected to take. So I’m not sure what (if anything) I should take with me and how much I’ll be able to bring back to the Mojave.

Have a nice week, all!


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