Bringer of Sorrow

An entirely apt description.

One who wished to travel to Novac but instead discovered new routes to Scorpion Gulch, which (as you might expect) is brimming with scorpions, then discovered Primm Pass, which (as you might not expect) is home to a blind deathclaw. One who then tirelessly searched for a Scientist Outfit to conclude Come Fly With Me in the most fiendish way possible. Mostly as penance for having to endure that awful quest, which I’d usually avoid by simply going to New Vegas but I needed the Stealth Boys to infiltrate the Gun Runners. Not that I’m convinced Stealth Boys are actually stealthy.

NPCs are ludicrously perceptive of invisible couriers.

But the Gun Runners were blissfully unaware of my presence and that’s what matters. Even when I opened the gate in view of the guards, who never questioned it opening and closing by itself. Stealth Boys are odd. Things that shouldn’t be possible are, and things that should be aren’t.

The misadventures of Murderous Mabel are partly due to her unconventional build, but mostly due to how I’m approaching and completing quests. I’m working with certain factions for certain reasons, such as the Boomers, to acquire Thump-Thump, but I’m not actually aligning myself with them unless they’re required by Caesar’s Legion. I’ve previously worked with both the NCR and Yes Man as there are valuable experience points to be had, but I’m avoiding decisive quests and I’m still working towards the Caesar’s Legion ending. I’m just exploiting different factions for personal and financial gain. As any truly soulless abomination would. I’ve also been purposefully avoiding investing in Speech, which (sadly) means that I’ve been unable to complete every quest in the most distasteful way possible.

Fantastic by name. Fantastic by nature.

It’s definitely an interesting build, though. I was aware that lever-action shotguns were affected by the Cowboy perk, but forgot, and so didn’t consider the Shotgun Surgeon perk, which I’m now considering. The steady investment into Guns would exponentially increase its damage, and it would become devastating were I to invest in the Finesse and Better Criticals perks. Those would serve conventional weaponry such as All-American well, too. But it’s these decisions which make this build so fascinating, because I’m rapidly discovering new strengths as I continue to develop it.

Eventually turning Murderous Mabel into a walking arsenal.

I’ve been wondering how best to approach the content and I’ve (mostly) decided to work through the DLC before the conclusion of the main campaign. That’s how I’d usually approach Fallout: New Vegas, and I should be able to see any new dialogue related to Caesar’s Legion this way.

Old World Blues is arguably the most beneficial to begin with, as it offers access to The Sink and (through horrific experimentation) unlocks various perks following its completion. While Lonesome Road is arguably best experienced last. Honest Hearts does offer some weaponry which could be useful, but doesn’t confer any other significant benefits. And Dead Money is a nightmarish expedition through the ruins of the Sierra Madre and the only DLC I’ve yet to fully complete. That one’s going to be painful. Very, very painful. However, there are many more things to experience in the Mojave Wasteland and my indecisiveness will likely cause these plans to go awry. As my plans tend to. Which is why, regardless of how many times they ask at job interviews, I don’t know where I see myself in five years. Five years is a long time.

Have a nice week, all!


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