Murderous Mabel

An utterly detestable soul.

No-one would’ve believed that young Mabel could grow into such a cantankerous psychopath. Born in a settlement on the fringes of the Mojave Wasteland, Mabel’s ambitions were to be a courier delivering hope (amongst other things) to those in need. However, after one client demanded her life as payment, she became addicted to a cocktail of chems, and decided that the Mojave could only thrive if it were cleansed of human life. All human life. Barbarism such as this was readily expressed by the odious soldiers of Caesar’s Legion, and thus her journey across the Mojave began.

Her expertise with explosives led her to the Powder Gangers.

But their ambitions to claim Goodsprings for themselves weren’t grandiose enough. Not that she isn’t going to help Joe Cobb and his men, but he, like Caesar, is going to outlive his usefulness sooner or later. Mabel will sow discord and despair across the entire Mojave or die trying.

I’ve found it difficult to revisit Fallout: New Vegas in recent years. I’ve built around Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, and even (to a lesser extent) Unarmed. I’ve aligned myself with Mr. House, Yes Man, and the NCR. But I’ve never built around Explosives, nor have I aligned myself with Caesar’s Legion. Hence the birth of this character. It’s an unconventional build that utilises both the Cowboy and Grunt perks, rather than either one individually, allowing me to use numerous weapons, and experience the Mojave Wasteland from a new perspective. An explosive perspective peppered with conventional weaponry. Through this build I’ll also be embracing the zaniness of Wild Wasteland. I’m not entirely sure how much will change as a result, but this is a good opportunity given her (thematic) dependency on chems.

Thanks, Victor. Now I’m envisaging buttery robot cheeks…

I’ve taken a fairly standard approach to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L distribution, though. Favouring high Agility and high Intelligence, while completely ignoring Charisma. As most do. Not that I could justify high Charisma with a character whose sole ambition is murder. I’ve also taken Kamikaze to further increase her action points, while (slightly) lowering her Damage Threshold. Which is easily countered with the Sub-Dermal Armor implant or the Reinforced Spine perk. Or both. Regardless of Damage Threshold, the latter is required to make use of the heaviest weapons affected by the Grunt perk.

I had considered the Weapon Handling perk.

But I’ll be visiting Old World Blues first (for various reasons) and I’m unlikely to require the extra Strength until after its completion. Perks that affect critical hits (such as Better Criticals) may be worth taking, too. But I’m not sure how (or even if) explosive damage is affected by critical hits.

It’s been quite a while since I last experienced the joy of Fallout: New Vegas, so this is going to be a nostalgic trek across the Mojave Wasteland and possibly one of my last. It’s going to be interesting to see how my approach to things has changed in that time, too. I’ve never been known to comb through the sands of the Mojave looking to uncover all of its secrets, but with Wild Wasteland making the wastes wackier than ever I may want to. Or maybe they’ll be painfully obvious differences. Or maybe it’s aliens. It’s probably aliens. It has, however, been such a refreshing experience conceiving this character, as I’m able to consider many different possibilities and outcomes. Possibilities that, despite having played Fallout: New Vegas for nearly three-hundred hours, I’ve not encountered or considered with other characters.

Have a nice week, all!


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