Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times (Pt. 5)

Treasures unlike those we’ve seen before.

Now that the Epoch is capable of flight we can finally begin to explore the world in search of side quests and legendary equipment. Being able to open sealed chests and doors helps, too. As there are many unique accessories in 2300 A.D. that were previously inaccessible but are now easily acquired. Among those is the Golden Stud. An exceptionally useful accessory that significantly reduces the MP cost of Techs. We were also able to acquire the Red Plate (in 1000 A.D.) and the Red Vest (in 600 A.D.) from Guardia Castle, both of which will be useful when acquiring the Sun Stone.

The Northern Ruins is another priority.

Not only are there a few sealed chests which contain unique equipment, but by rebuilding and fully exploring the Northern Ruins you can unlock the true Masamune. This will require visits to both 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. but it’s worth it. As Frog’s damage potential will increase exponentially.

After this it’s advisable to begin searching for the Rainbow Shell and the Sun Stone. One of which is buried deep in 600 A.D. amongst familiar enemies, while the other is to be unearthed in 2300 A.D. following a rather challenging boss battle. The Rainbow Shell is one of the few reasons to repeatedly finish New Game+, as many of the rewards are available in limited quantity. The Sun Stone is initially used to create the Wondershot (arguably Lucca’s best weapon) along with the Sunglasses. When both the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone are acquired you’ll gain access to Rainbow (Chrono’s best weapon) and the Prism Spectacles. Many of the choices made will depend on the equipment you currently possess, and if you’re playing New Game+ you may already have some of the rewards.

True strength comes when hesitation is lost.

I feel as though I’ve made the best choices for my party as they currently are. Having found the Zodiac Cape and crafted three Prismatic Helmets, I’ve now got multiple characters with the highest resistance to magical damage that they can have. While Chrono now lands critical hits absurdly often. Marle has the Golden Stud and Magus has the Silver Stud, which drastically improves their potential to use Techs. I’ve also kept the Hero’s Badge on Frog to improve his critical hit chance. Ayla is boosting her Charm proficiency with the Alluring Top, and Robo temporarily has the Flea Bustier.

I’ll find something better suited to Robo later.

I may have also discovered a new favourite team. Chrono, Frog, and Ayla are a force to be reckoned with. Slurp Kiss (a Dual Tech between Frog and Ayla) recovers health to the party more substantially than Aura Whirl does, while each member of the party has incredible physical damage potential.

I’ll be taking this party into the Black Omen. I think they’ll do just fine. I’m slightly concerned that I may require magical damage for certain enemies or bosses, but I’ve always got Chrono and Frog to rely on for that. I’m also beginning to wonder if it’s possible to defeat the bosses of the Black Omen in 1000 A.D., 600 A.D., and 12,000 B.C. as the rewards would be substantial. It’ll take a little longer but I think it’ll be worth it. Once we’ve successfully cleared the Black Omen we’ll be drawing close to the final confrontation with Lavos. I’ll need to decide on which party will best counter his considerable strength, and then begin to think about what I’ll be aiming to do with New Game+ besides unlock new endings. Let’s not be too hasty, though. We’ve yet to secure this future let alone any others.

Have a nice week, all!


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