Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times (Pt. 3)

The heart of the cataclysm.

Having successfully infiltrated the Fiendlord’s Keep we were met with increasingly powerful opposition. We had to defeat hordes of magical fiends, solve numerous puzzles, and fight through three different boss encounters just to be able to reach Magus. Not that reaching Magus ensures victory. Not only is his health considerable, but his countless spells can deal devastating damage. Especially in the second phase when he repeatedly and relentlessly unleashes everything that he has. Which can easily defeat an inexperienced or unprepared party, as he casts Dark Matter often.

His barrier switching mechanics can hinder you, too.

Mostly because you need to adequately prepare multiple types of magical damage. Having only lightning and water (from Chrono and Frog) will limit the number of times you can deal damage to Magus, thus making it harder to survive as the encounter continues to drain what little MP you have.

After a few fleeting moments of respite, we were once again hurled to the harsh prehistoric lands of 65,000,000 B.C. to secure our natural evolution. As natural as Lavos burrowing into the heart of the planet and causing untold destruction is considered to be. Given that Lavos is still alive in 1999 A.D. and few are even aware of its existence, I think that the reptilian creatures were the better evolutionary choice. At least we can cast Lightning on those. Lavos has an armoured outer shell like a soft truffle encased in chocolate and hazelnuts. Yet it’s nowhere near as delicious or as fragile as that analogy would suggest. Regardless, it’s clear that Magus didn’t create Lavos and was merely summoning it. But we still don’t know why. If only he could have fully revealed his true intentions before being lost in time.

I was wondering about that…

Exploring the smouldering remains of the Tyranno Lair leads to the discovery of another Gate. This one transports us to 12,000 B.C. and the wondrous Kingdom of Zeal, which seems to be harnessing the limitless energy of Lavos to sustain their technologically advanced society. This is gravely concerning, but at least the unusual energy of the Mammon Machine will allow us to open sealed chests and doors. One door in particular will lead to a rather fortuitous discovery. So we travelled back to 2300 A.D. and returned to the Keeper’s Dome, as this is where we’ll find the Wings of Time.

Affectionately known as Epoch.

I’ll admit that it’s a slightly odd name as the Wings of Time doesn’t actually have wings when we first find it. We’ll be acquiring the wings during our adventures in 12,000 B.C., though. Until we do it’s basically fulfilling the same role as the Gates at the End of Time, as we can’t fly to new locations.

However, our current objective is to climb the (aptly named) Mountain of Woe to rescue an old friend. Had we the wings for Epoch we’d simply be able to fly to the summit and skip the boss fight, but instead we have to climb this mystical hunk of rock that’s being precariously held together with chains. Then fight to the death with a powerful creature whose arms grow back every other turn. But that’s why we have Triple Techs. Chrono, Marle, and Frog were able to destroy each arm as it recovered to prevent taking significant damage. But I was worried for a moment there, as it was pretty easily decimating my party prior to me remembering its weakness. Then I repeatedly (and mercilessly) unleashed the most powerful Tech we had and it ceased to exist.

Have a nice week, all!


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