Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times (Pt. 2)

The legendary hero.

Believing that a child is capable of defeating Magus is not as absurd as it might seem. Especially when he’s carrying the Hero’s Badge, because it’s entirely reasonable to assume that the badge will protect him. Worry not of the Masamune. That is but a legendary weapon of untold power. He’ll find some other way to cleave a mountain in twain to gain access to the Magic Cave. Which is a really odd way to try to prevent anyone from reaching your castle. Given that they could just sail to the island. But let’s concern ourselves less with trivial details and instead with recovering the Masamune.

Unfortunately the blade has been shattered.

Holding the remaining pieces will do little to further our efforts unless it can be reforged. Thankfully, we can just return to 1000 A.D. and ask Melchior for help. Which he’d be willing to offer were he able to reforge the blade, but the material it was created from hasn’t existed for millions of years.

But that’s also fine as we can just return to 65,000,000 B.C. to retrieve a sample of the Dreamstone. Which would’ve worked perfectly had we not decided to engage in a drinking contest and have our Gate Key stolen. We kind of need that to return to the End of Time. So I guess we’re going to wage war on reptilian creatures to secure our evolution, but also to recover the Gate Key and maybe get a chunk of the Dreamstone for our trouble. I immediately switched Robo for Ayla as both occupy a similar role in the party. I decided to try equipping Ayla with the Rage Band and she (rather hilariously) punched everything we saw, which significantly improved her damage output. She can also recover health with Kiss. However, neither her nor Robo’s Techs can be utilised as a Dual Tech with Chrono to recover health for the entire party.

You wouldn’t believe how far (into the past) we had to go to obtain it.

Frog can use Heal to slightly recover health for the entire party, but Aura Whirl tends to be more effective. It does require both Chrono and Marle, though. So that’s something to consider. As Chrono is usually able to deal significant physical damage and lands critical hits surprisingly often, but I’d always argue that keeping everyone alive is worth lower damage per turn. I’ve also been wondering if he’ll be as effective (if not more so) with the Rage Band. But Chrono is an interesting character as he’s got a variety of uses. Like casting Lightning on dinosaurs as they’re apparently weak to that.

It’s a good weakness to have as Chrono can’t leave the party.

Having recovered a chunk of Dreamstone we were able to return to 1000 A.D. and ask Melchior to reforge the Masamune. We then returned the blade to Frog in 600 A.D., who proceeded to use it to slice open a mountain as that was the most logical way to reach the Fiendlord’s Keep and Magus.

It was then that I discovered my new favourite party. Chrono, Marle, and Frog can be surprisingly effective and devastating when brought together. Chrono can deal impressive physical damage and can utilise Aura Whirl, while Frog lands an incalculable amount of critical hits with the Hero’s Badge, and Marle can utilise Ice Water (a Dual Tech with Frog) to hit every enemy with magical damage. I’m sure it’ll only get better as they learn new Techs, too. My only concern is whether the Hero’s Badge will still function as it does with the true Masamune. If it does Frog would likely have the highest damage potential of any party member. Besides Chrono with Rainbow and either the Prism Spectacles or Sunglasses. But these are things that I’ll need to consider we as draw closer to facing Lavos.

Have a nice week, all!


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