Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times (Pt. 1)

Childhood memories.

There are few things that I remember as vividly as playing Chrono Trigger on the SNES. I’ve played many of the classic JRPG experiences of that time, but there were few that were as prominent or as meaningful as Chrono Trigger was. Were I to be experiencing this for the first time with the (rather poor) PC re-release I’d likely still hold it in high regard. It truly is one of my favourite video games of all time, and one of the rare examples that (through New Game+) I’ve finished a video game so many times that I’ve actually lost count. I’ve also owned three or four copies of it for different consoles.

The PC re-release is by far the most disappointing, though.

Starting with a New Game save file has been interesting. It’s definitely going to revitalise certain boss encounters as I’m so accustomed to having a New Game+ save file, but that’s how I’d like this experience to be. Honest and realistic. I’m also greatly enjoying accidentally acquiring key items.

I did remember that there was a specific key item at the Millennial Fair, but I’d forgotten where it was and acquired it by accident. Coincidentally, on my first visit to 2300 A.D., I cleared the Abandoned Sewers and gained access to both the Keeper’s Dome and Death Peak. Having done so I’ve actually fulfilled the requirements of a quest later in the story. Not that any of these things are useful at the moment. As there’s no way to climb Death Peak, and (more importantly) no reason to as we lack the second key item required to complete that quest. So while I’d love to irreparably break the main story it’s an (almost) impossible endeavour. We’ve got to reforge an ancient sword, prevent a reptilian uprising, and uncover the secrets of Lavos’ creation before Death Peak becomes relevant. But when it does we’ll be ready for it.

When you don’t want people to steal food from your refrigerator.

As this is a New Game save file I’ll be defeating Lavos with every character present. It’s been fun learning about the characters again. I’d forgotten that both Frog and Robo could restore health. I was instead relying on Marle (and the Aura Whirl Dual Tech with Chrono) for the majority our healing, but I can now rely on Frog as I’ve done so many times before in New Game+. I’ll be shuffling my party members around, though. As I’ve barely used Lucca, Robo, and Ayla in previous attempts. I’m also going to avoid specifically levelling up my party members, as I’d like to be challenged throughout.

Naturally levelling up is perfectly acceptable.

But I’d prefer to avoid becoming so ridiculously powerful that most things become trivial. I’ve always loved how engaging the boss encounters are, and I’d like to rely on their particular weaknesses to be able to defeat them. It’ll also make accessories far more relevant than they would be in New Game+.

Following our first visit to 600 A.D., we were hurled to the bleak post-apocalyptic landscape of 2300 A.D. where the planet is a decaying husk. Civilisation has mostly been destroyed and the few remaining survivors are starving. Hope isn’t entirely lost, though. Rumours suggest that the dome may still contain food, and that all we need to do is survive the journey to retrieve it. Unfortunately, while we may have survived the journey, the refrigeration had failed many years before, and so the food was inedible. But during our adventures in 2300 A.D. we met the loveable Robo. So it wasn’t an entirely wasted effort. As we began our journey back to 1000 A.D. we were thrown to the End of Time, where one of our party members would have to stay. Alone. With little more than a bucket to keep them company.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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