Grim Dawn: Once Taken, Twice Shy (Pt. 6)

A lengthy engagement.

When approaching the Edge of Madness in the Tomb of the Watchers I encountered an interesting boss. Secreting corrosive poison and wrought from otherworldly fury, but as ineffective against my Cabalist as she was against it. Neither could successfully poison the other, and we stood there (effectively) slapping each other until one of us fell over. It was hilariously frustrating watching each attack be as pitiful as the last, though. I barely had to keep Blood of Dreeg active (for the regenerative properties) and drank few potions, as this engagement proved to be lengthy but not necessarily dangerous.

I’m just glad that poison bosses don’t seem to appear too frequently.

It also confirms that creatures can’t be immune to certain damage types. Or that this boss had no such immunity. It likely had the maximum amount of Poison & Acid Resistance, and my skills were probably only dealing a fifth of their usual damage. But they still dealt damage. So that’s something.

Creatures being immune to damage types has been one of my concerns with this build. That said, it depends on if creatures mirror character resistances or whether every damage type is considered individually. As if they’re considered individually I can still deal acid damage if they’re immune to poison damage and vice versa. Surprisingly I didn’t run into too many problems with the majority of Act 4. I was expecting that to be quite the challenge but it all went rather smoothly. When working towards the Ashes of Malmouth content it became painfully apparent that I need to more carefully consider my equipment, though. As I have few high quality items and the difficulty will only increase as we retake the fallen city. But that’s what faction rewards are for, right?

The vast expanse of the Astekarn Valley.

Unfortunately, many of those faction rewards are either only usable at Lvl 65-90 or require me to grind reputation with various factions. They only apply to a few equipment slots, too. But there are definitely some that I will be prioritising as soon as she is able to use them, and I’ll be considering my options with both Components and Augments. I’ve already employed the use of a couple of Components which grant me access to new skills, with Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (from Mark of Dreeg) and Noxious Poison Bomb (from Venom Tipped Ammo) further bolstering the damage output of this build.

Not that dealing more damage is the answer to every problem.

A fact that will become more apparent as enemies become increasingly more dangerous. Not that I’m too concerned about the defensive capabilities of this build, as I’ve been utilising the Devotion mechanics to mostly negate the resistance penalty in Elite at the very least. Ultimate will need more work.

I’m keen to take more advantage of the Shattered Realm, too. I’ve not really explored much of it but it’s overflowing with loot. Especially if you can manage to defeat the boss within the time limit. I assume that you also have to survive the expedition, but you may receive any rewards that you were entitled to should you fall within that twisted reality. Not too sure about that. I’ve mostly survived unscathed. Just because I know that I’m only sacrificing additional loot if I work carefully through the content should it prove to be beyond the capabilities of the build. If nothing else I make a considerable amount of Iron with each attempt. So even if it’s not a fruitful endeavour I’m still getting something out of it. But I wouldn’t turn down numerous pieces of high quality equipment, either.

Have a nice week, all!


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