Grim Dawn: Once Taken, Twice Shy (Pt. 5)

Possessed once more.

You’d figure that being possessed once would be more than enough for any sane person. However, my Cabalist is willingly allowing the spirit of Solael to possess her in exchange for heightened proficiency in combat. Not that I’d ever humour the notion that she’s sane. In fact, had I the choice, she’s exactly the kind of character that would sacrifice what remains of humanity for personal gain. Thankfully I don’t have the choice, as that would be the perfect resolution for a character who I’ve painted in such a heinous light. She’s a good person really. She’s helped numerous people with their problems.

Undoubtedly she helped for personal gain, but she helped all the same.

I’ve recently discovered that Kymon’s Chosen won’t ask her for help, though. I was originally under the assumption that this may be a result of her actions in the Korvan Basin, but it turns out that they just don’t like Necromancers. Which I wasn’t expecting as I’ve not known Masteries to affect factions before.

As of Act 3 I’ve started investing heavily in the Necromancer Mastery and I’ve fully invested in the Occultist Mastery to gain access to Possession. I’ve scarce few modifiers left in the Necromancer Mastery and these affect both Ravenous Earth and Summon Blight Fiend, while the Occultist Mastery has all of the active and passive skills I would like for this build. Possession benefits her offensive capabilities significantly but does offer defensive bonuses, too. I’m most fond of the additional Chaos Resistance. As I’ve been tinkering with the Devotion mechanics to improve both defensive and offensive capabilities. I could be solely boosting various damage types, but if my Warder taught me anything it’s that everyone is squishy to a certain degree. Especially builds that hide behind pets.

That’s an awfully concerning amount of eggs…

Not that her survivability has been a concern. In fact, she’s suffered few deaths and those are mostly my fault. Like when I discovered the Port Valbury Outskirts and decided that I’d be able to casually wander in and stand some chance of surviving. When the ground is soaked with the same infernal fire present in The Conflagration, and my skeletons desire nothing more than to melt in those very flames. But besides those critical errors in judgement she’s surprisingly hard to kill. Blood of Dreeg is likely to be responsible for that, but having several targets that aren’t me also help to alleviate incoming damage.

I am starting to wonder if I rely too much on pets, though.

On both my Warder and Cabalist I’ve invested in pets. Yet, in both cases, they aren’t necessarily bolstered beyond the initial investment. They’re just there. Soaking damage. But (due to a lack of continued investment) they aren’t able to do so very effectively, and so I do wonder if they’re worth the initial investment.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how frequently pets will be required (or available) in any character builds in the future. I’ve been thinking about either an Oathkeeper or a Demolitionist for my next character. Which does mean that I’ll be going straight back to close quarters combat, but those Masteries seem so interesting that it’s hard to resist. I’m keen on the dual-wielding potential of a Nightblade, too. I’m also wondering if a singular Mastery character could be effective. I guess that depends on which Mastery and whether they have enough skills to warrant investing solely in theirs, as opposed to investing in unique or interesting bonuses in another. I am enjoying my Cabalist build, though. It’s an interesting approach to different problems and it’s certainly a more coherent character than my Warder.

Have a nice week, all!


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