TESO: Trekking in Tamriel (Pt. 2)

Seafaring in Tamriel must be a lucrative business.

It makes you wonder why they even bother to have boats (or other methods of transportation) when Wayshrines are everywhere. It doesn’t even cost you anything to use them if you’re using one to travel to another. But, if they did use Wayshrines, things would be much less interesting and there would be no such thing as pirates. Which is pretty much half of the reason I had opening area quests to begin with. I also briefly worked for a pirate, but she disowned me because I wouldn’t desecrate ancient graves to summon her a great army.

Adventuring sure does make for an interesting life.

I’ve learned so much about The Elder Scrolls Online recently. Like how my horse (which I assumed was a mount) is actually an extension of my character (while also serving as a mount). I can carry more items by investing in Riding Skill, while also improving the stamina of the horse and the speed at which it travels. Oddly those are tied to the character and not the horse.

The horse defaults back to the standard statistics on another character until I make those investments. I’ve also discovered that inventory upgrades are character specific (as suspected), bank upgrades are not, there are Crafting Writs to complete each day if I want to, there are actual dungeons in the world which don’t require groups, the major city for my particular Alliance is huge, and that splitting my crafting between different characters was probably sensible. It certainly makes shuffling inventory space around a lot easier earlier on. I can definitely see the optional ESO Plus subscription being worth it for the crafting bank. Which I would more than likely spend Crowns on if a similar crafting bank service was offered through the Crown Store.

By the power of righteousness!

Otherwise ESO Plus doesn’t really suit me. I’m not particularly interested in putting more items in my house, nor do I care that much about dye stations in general, and the bonuses to levelling speed are nice but not necessary. The 1500 Crowns per month are also nice but not necessary. While the access to the DLC would probably become more expensive with an extended subscription than just buying them outright. Still, it’s got an appealing point in the crafting bank. It’s just not something I think I’d ever really want that much.

The Crowns could be a nice passive source of income to buy extra services, though.

I’ve been exploring the first major area for my Alliance recently, too. It’s definitely got tougher and more dangerous enemies, more variety in types of locations, and is more interesting than the smaller islands. That said, the smaller islands were packed with things to do and were surprisingly content dense. So I don’t think I’ll be running out of content any time soon here, either.

I’ve also got an extension of the main quest now. Which is nice as we hadn’t really heard that much about it for a while, which, naturally, I’m going to ignore for as long as is humanly possible because there’s a whole island to explore. Filled with treasures and whatnot. I don’t really care if Tamriel is at threat from some great evil. I’ve played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion- I know they survived and everything was fine. I might even find a higher quality of ore to mine. Or new exotic flowers to pick and then eat to discover their properties. The possibilities are quite simply endless and I won’t waste time defeating Daedric abominations. In all seriousness, I’ll likely push ahead once I’ve had some time to acclimatise to these new surroundings.

Have a nice week, all!


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