First Impressions of… Lost Castle

There’s even a potion that makes you fart.

If that doesn’t justify an instant purchase, the potion also produces a poisonous gas cloud each time you fart that damages enemies who walk through/near it. Still not sold? No? I’ll tell you a little more about what Lost Castle actually is, then. It’s an adventure filled with endless danger and abundant treasures. It’s a little like Rogue Legacy and Enter the Gungeon had an awesome baby with an ARPG loot system. Complete with randomised equipment that can be imbued with various enchantments.

You can customise your characters quite extensively, too.

Each time you die you are offered the chance to not only improve your character but to grant entirely new benefits/bonuses. Like being able to unlock a blacksmith who can give you up to three weapons at the start of each run. Further upgrades even allowing them to spawn rare or legendary weapons. I’ve almost always found one of them to be usable, too.

Combat is incredibly enjoyable and remarkably fluid. Each weapon class has its own particular style, which is further enhanced by a myriad of armour types that will provide particular bonuses to certain weapon classes. I’m really enjoying dual blades. They’re fast, they combo well, and they’ve got a lot of versatility. Yet, spears are surprisingly good as they knock back enemies with each thrust. While you’re not able to guarantee which weapon you’ll start with or that the blacksmith will offer- there’s something for everyone. Each piece of equipment has a chance to be enchanted, too. Allowing for comprehensive character build customisation through different statistical bonuses.

Rattle those bones.
Rattle those bones.

Lost Castle is also a rare example of character customisation having a noticeable impact on success. Even a minor health upgrade which allows you to take one more hit before death is significant. Simply because there are an abundance of healing items, vendors, and other upgrades which can restore your health- it’s just that you have to live long enough to use them. Having a selection of items and weapons available from the very beginning is incredibly helpful, too. Every advantage is desired and each is useful in its own way.

Especially those rare opportunities that allow you to return from the dead.

I’ve had a few runs where I’d forgotten that I’d picked up one of those coveted relics. I died and was filled with sadness only to see the resurrection animation and be filled with happiness. Only to be killed by a rolling-rock-rhinoceros-creature. Once again filling me with an overwhelming sadness. It truly is an emotional rollercoaster.

If you like the sound of anything I’ve said above- I highly recommend you pick this up! It’s a really fun time for all involved. Unless you don’t have masochistic tendencies which you can only satisfy by being repeatedly killed. You don’t even need to pay much for the privilege, it’s only £6.99 (at full price). Which I feel is an absolute steal for something this enjoyable. I’ve heard tell that there are even more difficult modes which can be unlocked on completion, too. Speaking of, I do believe it’s time for me to start another new run and for another few hours to mysteriously disappear. I’m not sure how or why that keeps happening. No matter- there’s looting to be done!

Have a nice week, all!


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