One Horn Bill (Ink) – 2016 – Ink – click for full view on site!

Don’t ask what happened to the other one.

That said, I’ve always questioned how such things occur. Do they naturally grow like that? Do they shed their horns after a certain point akin to us losing a tooth? Will it grow back? Are there any specific tribal or ritualistic reasons you’d want to have a broken horn? The questions are endless. It must be awful if you’re a fan of hats, too. Always having to make horn holes in everything.

This is an addition to the site I’ve been hesitant in making.

Not because I don’t like the piece- I do- it’s just that it was intended for other things. As explained in Bleeding Ink, this was a piece that was originally meant to be thrown together quickly to test some new marker styles. However, as time went on, that hasn’t really worked out as intended. Mostly because I can’t decide on what marker style I’d like to use. I would usually move onto something else at this point, but this does still hold a degree of significance as it is the bridging piece between Duriel and Slasher.

It also has a number of redeemable qualities of its own. So, while I am reluctant, I would prefer this to have some use rather than none, which is how we come to this point. I’ve also got a section on the site for just this sort of thing that I always forget about. It’s not entirely dead, either. I may come back to this with a digital coat of paint at some point. However, if I do, I’ll likely mention it in passing rather than dedicate a post to it. I am appreciative of each and every reader here, and I’d like to make a conscious effort not to waste your time with fluff posts or reiterations of existing content. It might mean a little less content than if I were to highlight each change- but I believe it’s better this way.
So, what is there to say about this piece? It’s a demon. That’s about it. I’ve always wanted to do a high quality illustration of a bipedal hulking mass of demonic muscle since the early days of the first Diablo. The horns were important to the composition as I’d like to get better at rendering textures. The fact he’s missing one is… unfortunate to say the least.

I also don’t know why he has such a stylish beard.

I suppose when you spend your entire day maiming adventurers, carrying large quantities of gold around (which you will drop on death), and holding onto weaponry that you clearly never use (which you will also drop on death) you need to feel good about yourself. Probably get an awful lot of razor burn, though. I can’t see the denizens of hell having a highly sophisticated distribution system for cosmetics. But maybe I don’t know enough about them and so I’m prone to prejudice. I am the person tearing through their flesh and stealing their loot after all.

Don’t ask about the name, either. I figured I’d repent for some of my prior prejudice by giving him a nice homely name. None of this Bloodgorger the Impaler (with random affixes attached) nonsense. Not too keen on his nose, though. How does his nose smell? Like brimstone. Most likely. Then again, maybe I’m just fuelling my prejudice even further by believing these stereotypical things of him. Maybe he has a comfortable office job to support his growing family. Maybe he doesn’t even go to those parts of town where bad things happen. Maybe he’s the force of change hell needs but doesn’t deserve. Or deserves but doesn’t need.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.

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