Across Auriga

Wherein I achieve a Supremacy Victory without realising it.

That was a hilarious turn of events. I was playing as the Drakken aiming for the Quest Victory, and one of the main faction quests required that I siege an enemy city. However, the Drakken are not really known for their military might. But if Endless Space taught me anything it’s that you should always have an army. Or, at the very least, someone who can fight. Winter was fast approaching, too. So my units would be heavily handicapped for the oncoming onslaught.

So I fell back to a city of mine on the border of their region.

I decided to invest heavily in raising another six unit army. I also improved my existing units and (through assimilation) created some newer, more specialised, more diverse units. So, after forming two six unit armies, and raising the equipment levels as high as I could, I set off to their borders once again. I still wasn’t convinced I could win, though.

So I fell back once more. Waited until winter set in a second time and started raising a third six unit army. Still not convinced I would survive this engagement, I set off into the cold harshness of winter across their borders. I was hoping to trick them into a false peace and then siege the city. However, I couldn’t declare anything that wouldn’t cause me to declare war if I set off over their borders. So I declared war. Not the most intelligent thing to do- but I had to take that city! Oddly enough, they didn’t attack me with anything. One of my biggest concerns was that they had amassed quite an army back there. I didn’t really know much of anything about this enemy of mine.

The heart of conquest.
The heart of conquest.

Yet, there was no opposition. So, as I closed in on the city, they sent a small group of units out to capture a city of mine just across their borders. I broke off one of the six unit armies and went to take care of that. The remaining two pushed ever forwards to the enemy city. I engaged and encountered the kind of resistance I was expecting. They also seemed to have a high level of siege defence (which I wasn’t aware was even a thing). Still, in the first six phases of battle only one of my Wyverns fell.

It honestly didn’t seem too bad as we went into the second six phases of battle.

Of course, we were both getting tired at that point and we both suffered heavy casualties. That said, they were losing more units than I was, and their siege defence was gone, so I pushed on and the city fell. The main faction quest required that I occupied the city with a hero and that I hold it for ten turns.

However, this wasn’t just any city- it was their capital city. I was only playing a two person game (myself and the AI), and so, much to my surprise, I achieved a Supremacy Victory. Admittedly, it wasn’t the most impressive Supremacy Victory. But, this was the first time I’d ventured into the world of Endless Legend and so I kept the opposition fairly light. I didn’t want to get too cluttered with the needs, responses, and actions of multiple people. I will be advancing into a three-four person game next, though. It does make me wonder just how much was left of the main faction quest before I could have achieved a Quest Victory instead. Though I think I would have met the Scientific Victory condition at some point if the Quest Victory wasn’t close.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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