Bleeding Ink

You should probably get that looked at.

You should also avoid injuring yourself near any easily stained surfaces. That said, I’m pretty sure my blood is almost entirely black coffee at this point. There’s no way a man could ingest that much and not alter his biology to such a degree. Still not pooping coffee beans, though. If I could I’d be like one of those cats from a tropical climate that poops luxury coffee.

That would certainly be one way to build a retirement fund.

I’ve got a couple of new-ish ink pieces to talk about. The first, the older of the two, was an experimental piece which went in all sorts of unintended directions. I originally intended to throw together something quite quickly as I wanted to test out a new marker style, however, as the piece developed, it took a little longer than expected. Or, rather, a lot longer than expected. I’m still undecided as to how to approach the marker style and so it’s currently sitting in a pre-marker state.

The second, which I started just yesterday, should be finished and find its place on my personal site within the week. This is an update of a piece that is already on my personal site (that I’ve never really liked). I’ve been thinking about replacing it for a while, but, until now, I hadn’t really decided how I would approach it. You can get a sneaky peak of a current work in progress over on Twitter. This is another attempt and experiment spawned from my recent adventures with my 0.1 Copic Multiliner. It’s certainly a different way to apply ink, especially considering the nib is so fine and allows for so much more detail and depth in even the smallest areas of the piece.

I’m starting to lean ever so slightly towards making ink the first choice for many of my pieces. It’s so versatile and the level of detail is almost unparalleled on the same scale compared to pencil, which does have its own unique qualities. Such as heavy shading that blends ever so deliciously together. Still, I’m really enjoying what’s going on with ink recently.

Moggie’s Proclamations has seen a few changes, too.

I’ve been working on the various categories on the blog. I’ve set up a category hierarchy which happily nests all of the creative categories under the main art category, while, barring a few issues with tag and category conflicts, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for the gaming category. Hopefully nesting some additional categories for the most talked about titles under the main gaming category. Just a tiny improvement that will make content (both new and old) readily accessible and appropriately labelled.

I’ve got a long term goal to make the collection of sites almost automated (for lack of a better term), where they will no longer be changed fundamentally to any significant degree, and where the creation of content is where the majority of time will be spent. Maintenance will simply become just that- maintenance. Making sure that everything still works and improving or adding features where necessary. But, for the most part, the layouts and external links and other necessary information will not change. The primary focus then becoming the consistent creation of quality content (and maybe even some new types of content). I’m making good progress so far, but I’ve got a ways to go yet before the idea is fully realised.

Have a nice week, all!


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