The Storm Breaks

It’s time for something a little different.

I decided to go on a little Hardcore run in Diablo III. I already had a Hardcore Barbarian which has apparently (according to achievements) existed before I purchased Reaper of Souls, but I felt like creating a new Hardcore Monk. I like Monks. Plus, if she dies, I’m not too sad as I’ve only known her for a little while. But she’s not going to die, right? Right!

Monks (despite a plethora of survivability skills) still feel the squishiest to me. They do have healing, though. Which has saved her life more than once in the earlier levels due to some inexperience and misplays on my part. Like, for instance, who knew that the Jar of Souls event has changed? Not me! Probably a lot of other people, though. Still, I don’t want to rely heavily on her healing and so I’ve singled out one (technically two) skill(s) to help her along. Breath of Heaven is employed more as an offensive skill with the Circle of Scorn rune, while Mystic Ally with the Enduring Ally rune comes in as her second healing skill. When activated it gives her a full heal and passively it helps regenerate lost health.

Crippling Wave with Concussion builds into her passive choice of Resolve. Together, when using Crippling Wave, she’s going to reduce incoming damage by 40%, while with any other skill she’s going to take 20% off. Mantra of Salvation with Hard Target gives her a 20% boost to both armour and resistances (with a further boost on activation), while Dashing Strike gives her the mobility she needs, and Lashing Tail Kick with Sweeping Armada gives her an offensive capability that is almost unrivalled so far.

She also scored an early Rivera Dancers which is fantastic for her build.

"Ytar has raised me to new heights!"
“Ytar has raised me to new heights!”

Finally her passive choices of The Guardian’s Path and Alacrity play into a synergy I thought could be useful. One increasing her Spirit generation and the other offsetting the slow weapon speed, which, while it only affects Spirit Generators, is still incredibly useful as many of her other skills are one shot hits. They don’t need to happen quickly.

I’ve had my doubts about succeeding on this run. Particularly surrounding Act II (and Belial). I haven’t fought Belial in a long time, probably as far back as when I was levelling up my two Crusaders after the Reaper of Souls launch. I also had the ability to die in those fights and not lose everything. Act III I wasn’t really too concerned about as most of the enemies seem easier than their Act II counterparts. It’s odd how that worked out. Also, Act IV, and Diablo himself, are minor concerns at the point where I have the ability to attain that level of gear. The challenge now is to live long enough to see the end of Act V. Malthael, like Belial, is a fight I haven’t done in a long while.

Mostly ventured through this Hardcore run on Expert as that’s all they’d give me in the early stages. Had a lot of fun with it, too. She’s managed to build quite a tidy collection of Blacksmith, Jeweller, and Mystic upgrades along with a fair few Stash upgrades. Hopefully she’ll live to progress into Adventure Mode ever cautiously while trying to build more impressive progression. I thought this would be fun, given I’ve never really paid too much attention to Hardcore (or Seasons for that matter) in Diablo III.

Let’s hope she doesn’t die a horrible death any time soon!

Have a nice week, all!


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