Man on the Moon

I’ll see you on the dark side of the Moon.

Killer is Dead is a delightful hack and slash title featuring exhilarating combat, a unique creative direction (which reminds me of 80s/90s anime and manga), more dashing and (button) mashing than you can shake a reasonably sized katana at, and a story which makes less and less sense the more you learn about it. Until the very end. Then it becomes fairly clear as to where the story has been leading you with these character introductions, prompts, nightmares, and so on.

You’ll take up the mantle of an expert swordsman Mondo. Gifted with exceptional combat prowess, Gekkou (an ancient and powerful sword that feeds on Blood), the mysterious left arm Musselback, and the ability to gain strength from defeated foes. Each of these elements are later fully unlockable and upgradable via the character development system.

There’s also a really weird set of romantic side missions which unlock new weapons.

Or, more accurately, new modifications for the left arm Musselback. There are also costumes which Mondo can unlock along with modifications for the Musselback, but these are mostly received post-story completion and are quite pricey. However, the price is more than matched with the power of their upgrades. For instance, the Dark Booster modification allows you to use an unlimited amount of Blood. You’ll never run out. While the Ulti-Mondo costume unlocks a heightened, more deadly, more robust combat style. There are a lot of upgradable options to further Mondo’s abilities in certain ways by collecting a near-endless stream of Moon Crystals.

One thing I’ve been really impressed with is how fluid, enjoyable, and intense the combat feels. Initially you’ll only have to fight a few enemies at a time, but, as you unlock later Episodes and more side missions, the stakes get raised fairly high. However, the ability to dodge attacks within a fraction of a second and follow up with devastating counter attacks is always a pleasant experience. It’s one of the reasons I’ve really enjoyed this particular title- the combat never feels slow, stodgy, or laborious.

Another thing that I’ve been really impressed with is how easy it is to change from Episodes, to side missions, to romantic side missions, and even difficulty settings. If you decide on one difficulty but it’s too hard/too easy you can easily switch it up or down. You can continue the story or divert course. You can even farm Moon Crystals and Health/Blood upgrades if you want.

It’s refreshing to be so in control of how, where, and when you progress.

There are, as always, a few words of caution. I’ve not played this title without a controller and so I can’t say nor recommend the PC control system (as I’ve never used it). There are also a few times where I felt that some kind of minimap or area map would have been useful. The former is only a concern if you don’t have a controller, the latter is more a minor (personal) criticism. That said, I wouldn’t say it isn’t worth the money (even at full price)- as I got this in a Steam sale for an absolute steal at £2.99- and I’d gladly have paid the full amount. It’s an awful lot of fun if you enjoy a unique visual style, a quirky story, fluid combat, and some really interesting boss battles.

Needless to say I highly recommend this one!

Have a nice week, all!


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