Graphite Haze

Some people wake up in a drunken haze. But, no, not ol’ Moggie- he wakes up in a graphite haze.

Unsure of how much graphite dust he inhaled last night, why there are wood shavings everywhere, and why his thumbs are black as pitch with the dust of many a shaved pencil. But that’s all just a day in the life, really. Much better than those days I put my head inside my computer but forget to turn off the power. Then my hair just gets stuck in the fans, all the wires get tangled, strange black smoke starts billowing from the back of the machine, and I foresee a hefty repair bill.

In both a literal and figurative sense I’ve been quite busy.

I’ve been working on a few creative things recently. Most of which I haven’t discussed or posted, nor will post, but have yielded some rather interesting results in helping me understand more about my particular styles and techniques. I’m confident in my abilities with certain materials (like pencil and watercolour) but left wanting with some others (like ink and marker).

That said, I’ve also started approaching some pretty old but recently untouched subject matter. Given that it has been a good two-four years since I’ve actively worked on any kind of landscape, or wanted to, or could decide on which material(s) to use- this is a pretty odd choice. It originally began with a conceptual approach to a rather simple composition (you can see a WIP on Twiter), which evolved into something experimental, and ultimately reassured me that I was onto a good thing with pencil (and coloured pencil) techniques in general. It was nice to reapply something that I always felt could work but where I was previously too inexperienced to make it work.

Which has always been a goal for my range of styles. I’ve never wanted to completely reproduce one style with a different material. I’d much prefer to make each material individual and to develop a range of strengths (and weaknesses) for each one, countering those with the other materials, and generally keeping each approach fresh. Of course, at times, I’ll try to reproduce a similar style to see how that works or to observe the results of it. Or to compare differences between the sets of results.

I’ve continued to work on that piece over the last few days, too.

I posted a second WIP (which you can see on Twitter), thought about how far I wanted to take this piece, and even revisited an earlier doodled Super Mutant (which you can also see on Twitter). Twitter is a really good place to follow me if you’d like to see more doodles, sketches, and WIP photos. That said, anything for the site/for WordPress will always end up here.

I’m quite happy with how Twitter has progressed over the last few months. In fact, I’m quite happy with how the whole collection of sites have progressed. I still think Moggie’s Proclamations is one of the strongest additions in supporting my personal site and the other social media profiles, and I’m working on something (unannounced) that is in a similar vein at the moment. It’s nice to be able to take a step back and be pleased with how things are progressing, though. It’s a good start to 2016 at least as I can focus less on site/social media maintenance and more on content. I’ve also liked a lot of the new posts I’ve put out in January.

Have a nice week, all!


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