Anomaly Monk

Who exists outside the realms of normality.

The Monk is one of my favourite classes in Diablo III. I wasn’t too keen on them when the first pieces of pre-release information came through, though. They seemed to be heavily focused on a chain system which reminded me a lot of the Assassin in Diablo II (which I didn’t really enjoy playing). However, at release, they were a completely different beast with fast hits and heavy damage and a rather neat selection of martial arts type skills. I finished Inferno with them after the Barbarian in the classic release, too.

That said, they haven’t had too much love since the release of Reaper of Souls. Or mine hasn’t.

He’s always been trailing in the back of the ranks and hasn’t really accrued any great equipment. He’s also faced a rather crucial change to his build, in that, initially, he was dual wielding with a heavy focus on dodge. Which, since the change to Dexterity, is much less effective. It’s also the least effective (in my opinion) as while it negates all damage it’s not guaranteed.

Or even slightly guaranteed. Which means unless he can dodge- he’s going to take damage. Given that he used to be able to reach 75-80% dodge with his old skill set, it wasn’t really as useful as the straight damage reduction from armour. Even at those percentages he still got hit fairly often. There’s also the problem I have with finding a set of skills that share the same damage type (besides holy), and so I find myself limited in skills. However, I recently decided to do something a little odd with him and it’s working surprisingly well. Combining Resolve (one of my favourite passives) and Mantra of Conviction (with the Intimidation rune) means he should be able to reduce enemy damage by 35% fairly consistently.

"Break beneath the endless tide!"

“Break beneath the endless tide!”

By dual wielding he’s almost guaranteed to keep this reduction applied. This also gives him a rather high attack speed. Which with the Exalted Soul passive and the Mystic Ally skill (with the Air Ally rune) allows for incredibly high Spirit generation. However, the most important skill for this, and the first actual Kanai’s Cube power I’ve used, is Wave of Light. Which (with the Pillar of the Ancients rune) is a beast of a skill. I’m not entirely sure if every lightning bolt reapplies damage reduction, but, if it does, this is almost too good.

I’m also toying with the Bane of the Stricken gem for further damage application.

What is most incredible about this build is that he’s running <600k DPS and yet is comfortably completing things in Torment II-III, and he recently done a Torment IV Greater Nephalem Rift with time to spare. Considering he’s also lacking heavy defences I’m not really sure what to make of these results.

Wave of Light is certainly the biggest contributor to success that he has. However, Seven Sided Strike does do an impressive amount of damage to enemies and that’s only improved with an activation of Mantra of Conviction. Mystic Ally also allows for an instant boost of Spirit which means he’s got all the capability to fully unload on bosses immediately. The weakest link is Exploding Palm which I actually thought would help deal some damage over time. But, in his current state, it’s almost redundant as most things won’t survive a few activations of Wave of Light. That said, Wave of Light could be used as a catalyst to trigger Exploding Palm.

Have a nice week, all!


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