Festive Tweetings

Much meat. Many pickles.

There are many great things about Christmas but I’d have to say my favourite is the turkey. I love turkey. I’m quite fond of pickles, too. Not so keen on ham. That said, these are all subjective to whether you work in retail (in any capacity). If you do then your Christmas is probably mostly spent tending a near empty place of work in some corporate hope someone will come in. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who manage to snag the days off as soon as they become available.

That’s probably the thing I liked least about my previous place of work.

However, I’m not as excited about Christmas as I used to be and it’s not for the usual reasons. The Christmas magic still exists within my lump of coal heart- but everything always seems to go wrong at Christmas for some reason. I’m not sure I’ve had a decent one for the last six years or so. They’re all becoming marginally more depressing year on year.

This year I spent some time on Twitter with my followers as they sent Tweets outlining their Christmas meals or activities and I had a (surprisingly) good time. It was great seeing what everyone was up to, or what they got, or reading their festive Tweets. I’m not usually one to be online (or on my computer at all) on Christmas Day as I spend a great deal of time here otherwise. One less day won’t hurt. But, as I’ve got older, I’ve not really found much to do if I’m not online. Especially considering most of my time over the holidays will be spent gaming, or buying games, or watching Steam sales. But I’d say it was worth it this year.

The hearty diet of the festive season.
The hearty diet of the festive season.

In watching the recent Steam sale I decided to reinstall Don’t Starve. I uninstalled it some time last year after Don’t Starve Together came out as I figured it was redundant to have both installed at the same time. However, upon looking up Don’t Starve Together, it seems as though the content was balanced around the multiplayer experience (as the name would suggest). So I figured that having the original Don’t Starve would be pretty useful, too. There’s a new DLC that’s been released recently for it as well.

I’ve been sorting my Steam library recently (after finding out I can permanently remove titles from it).

I’ve also started to implement some of the changes I’ve planned for 2016 (around the collection of sites and elsewhere). Hopefully this will mean more consistent, higher quality, more balanced content for everyone to enjoy. Starting with this very post! It’s quite exciting as I spent some time at the end of last year improving all of the sites and implementing new features. I wouldn’t say I’ve started over but I’ve definitely relaunched a few of them.

2015 was a strange year in that it both exceeded expectations and didn’t. I’m hoping that 2016 will feature more creative posts and new pieces but I can’t promise anything. I’m also hoping that Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels will be making a reappearance with a new bulk of posts. But, for now, everything is fresh and new. I’ll be working on updates to all the sites in the coming weeks and hopefully improving quality across the board. I’m also hoping to get a few more recordings in to back up new video game related posts, too. Might even do some streaming this year and maybe work towards doing that more consistently in the future.

Happy New Year, all!


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