Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 10)

Exercise caution around anyone carrying a snowball.

It’s been a while since we’ve been back in Tyria. Why, I do believe it was during the Shadow of the Mad King events! Which is slightly ironic as the only reason I’m back there (temporarily) is to do the A Very Merry Wintersday events. I do enjoy these seasonal events quite a bit. Probably more than I should. We’ve traded off candy corn for snowballs and gift bags for wrapped presents but we’re still hunting for new achievements.

Which A Very Merry Wintersday seems to have by the score.

There’s no less than eighteen new (or repeated) achievements up for grabs. Everything from opening presents, to fighting crazy toys, to destroying dioramas, to a new instance available just for the festivities. That said, I feel this set of events/achievements is not as all inclusive as the Shadow of the Mad King. Mostly due to one requiring an item that you need a Lvl 35-40 character to acquire. It’s character bound and can’t be found/made elsewhere. However, it’s a minor annoyance in an otherwise enjoyable season.

It’s also nice that this set of events will take you to various parts of Tyria rather than leaving to do everything from within the confines of Lion’s Arch. There’s a travelling chef you need to track down who can appear in several locations, the main event takes place in Divinity’s Reach, and you even need to return to your home instance to face the Grawnch.

While most of the achievements can only be earned during A Very Merry Wintersday I’ve heard tell some are all year long.

Beware the toypocalypse!
Beware the toypocalypse!

I’ve also heard that the repeatable achievement can now contribute to the main achievement that awards you the title. However, there are several titles available throughout the various achievements. I’ll be trying to get as many as I can but I get the feeling I’ll be playing another 150 rounds of Toypocalypse to make up for the ones I don’t (or can’t) get. Like the PvP achievements. Which I can get, but, to be honest, PvP has never been my thing. This one is very fun, though.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the content on offer. I wasn’t really expecting something quite as large as this but it’s nice that they’ve taken the time to develop something enjoyable, thematic to Guild Wars 2, and (most importantly) festive. I’m not one to push too hard/farm for days with these kind of things- so it’s nice that a dozen hours of investment will actually yield results.

Good luck to any and all who are going for the higher requirement achievements, too!

I didn’t actually know the event was going on right now. I’ve been checking the launcher every few days to see any mention of it but I missed the first few days and so, unlike the Shadow of the Mad King events, where I was mostly finished before the post, I’m still actively playing for those achievements at the moment. Still it’s a nice end to the year, no? I had a few ideas of what I’d like to do for this particular post and this one fits almost perfectly. Now if only I could throw snowballs via a WordPress post this really would be the best post I could’ve done.

Still, I’ve always been a fan of seasonal events in any MMO. I do believe that I got quite a few- if not all- of the achievements for the World of Warcraft Christmas events. Which was called… something. It’s been about three-four years so you’ll have to forgive me there.

Have a nice Christmas, all!


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