Collected Pieces

You might have noticed that I’m fond of organising things.

That’s not because I need to organise things or have any specific compulsion to do so, but I do think it’s easier to find things after you’ve organised them. Which is why I’ve finally taken the time to work on a Creative page to mirror the Gaming page that I created last year. I figured that it was time to have a singular location on Moggie’s Proclamations where you could access my various works in progress, finished pieces, and other creative content quickly and easily. I’m hoping that these pages will make content (both new and old) more accessible regardless of when it was originally posted. Or what it was regarding.

I’ve also made a slight (but critical) change to my personal site. When uploading a new piece to the site I’ll often provide a link back to the related Moggie’s Proclamations post, however, until now, it hadn’t occurred to me to actually provide a direct link from the front page to the page for that specific piece. Before this update you’d need to select the category and then select the piece. Which means it’s now more convenient accessing the newest pieces. It also somewhat encourages the viewing of other pieces as each page for a specific piece has a link back to the category it’s in. These are the little quality of life changes that are simple enough to implement and can make a big difference.

As I’ve always been committed to making everything that I do more accessible to anyone that wishes to see it.

Have a nice week, all!


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