Big Ol’ Jumble

The last twelve months have been interesting to say the least.

We’ve seen new projects, new ideas, additional social media sites, lost a few social media sites, and there were more creative posts than I would have anticipated. I’ve learned a lot of new things- the C# programming language, how to record videos under a multitude of conditions, how to stream, developing in Unity- and I like to think I’ve come away understanding more of what I want from what I do. Moggie’s Proclamations has evolved into a completely different beast than originally planned, too. Not that I mind too much.

So how do we move forward into 2016 from here? Good question!

I think scheduling has been one of the better decisions I’ve made about things here on the blog. I like being able to bulk create posts and sort them into a list to consistently deliver content. However, as I have noticed of late, I tend to make a list and then shuffle it around particular posts which I’d prefer to hit the blog sooner rather than later.

One of the things I’m thinking of implementing as this year winds down (and continuing into 2016) is a more consistent pacing for the posts. Much less shuffling, much more reliable, and hopefully more interesting/enjoyable to viewers. Likewise, as I’m still deciding what I want to do with YouTube, I can use that for producing more video game reviews with actual gameplay footage. I like those. I don’t even think commentary is necessary as you will get an idea as to whether that looks like something you would enjoy just from seeing it play out.

I’d also like to come back to streaming and try to improve the experience there as much as possible.

That said, for the most part, it will likely be much of the same. While I still agree with what I’ve said previously, I don’t think that the lack of purchasing new titles, or purchasing few as opposed to several, will affect the blog too much. Of course, it won’t affect my personal site- as that isn’t even gaming related. But that is something I’ll need to look at and work around as and when it happens. There are a ton of reviews and gaming related content over on the Gaming page already. As part of that initial push to feature gaming and gaming related posts here was to create a bulk of content to offset the two years of creative posts.

While I had been thinking of branching out to Google+ recently I think I will hold off on that. I like having David and Moggie’s Proclamations as the main sites while Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch bring up the rear. Still haven’t made much progress towards finalising my Etsy shop, either. Had it for three-four years now and never done a thing with it.

Though, as always, I’d prefer to only branch out/expand content if I know I’ll be able to deliver the same quality content consistently. Also if I’m going to be active with said expansions. I certainly could do some things with Etsy, Instagram, and Google+ but it wouldn’t have the same level of activity or commitment. Which isn’t fair to those followers who only follow me there. As it’s almost like saying that I will do it, but it’ll be half baked, and you’ll need to follow my other sites as well, thus making the development of that site completely pointless. Still these points are subject to change when a good idea comes along which one of those sites can capitalise on.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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