Pollo Power!

That’s Juan impressive luchador, Calaca.

Guacamelee! (Super Turbo Championship Edition) is a colourful, humorous, enjoyable, and interesting title with an equally interesting art style. It follows the story of Juan, a soon-to-be luchador who is tasked with saving the world and the princess (who is ironically in another castle) leading to a showdown with the evil Calaca. His journey includes a healthy amount of punching, talking to goats, turning into a chicken, and occasionally dressing as a chicken. The Super Turbo Championship Edition builds on the previously released complete edition to add even more goodies.

Such as the Intenso mode which activates after acquisition by building combos in combat. (Try saying that ten times fast!)

For first time players the Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is likely your best option for purchase. It’s only slightly more expensive than the Gold Edition (which I do believe was the previous complete edition). However, should you own the Gold Edition, I am almost certain that the Super Turbo Championship Edition is on a permanent 80% off discount (on Steam). As, unlike other additional content, the Super Turbo Championship Edition is not a DLC as such.

It exists as a separate product on Steam (and in your library). That said, the 80% discount makes it insanely cheap- likely cheaper than any other story content DLC (pre-sale) on Steam- so it’s not like you’ll need to lay down another £15/$20 to play through the additional features. Of, which, besides Intenso mode, there are a few additions to the story pre-completion.

From what I’ve seen of the title previously (via Let’s Plays) there’s at least one additional area early in the story with a whole new boss to go with it.

Stop me if you've seen this one before.
Stop me if you’ve seen this one before.

There are likely to be more on top of that, too. But this does mean that both new and returning players have a fresh experience to look forward to. Which, while unconventional, and perhaps one of the few times I’ve ever seen it, is a nice approach. The permanent discount is also a nice thumbs up to those who have supported their title since launch. While I wouldn’t usually go into such detail about pricing models, distribution, and what have you in most reviews I think this is an important point to note.

The bulk of the game involves punching things, punching them again, and if they get back up- punching them once more. It’s got an old style fighting game brawler quality to it which works really well with the setting. The combat doesn’t get boring (in my opinion), either. So you’ll be having as much fun when you first pick it up to when you set the controller down.

Also, for those PC gamers who don’t use controllers- you might want to pick one up for this title. (Or avoid the purchase if you don’t have one.)

As it is quite the task playing without a controller. Which, sadly, would be my only point of complaint (for lack of a better term)- the controls. They feel cumbersome at times and there are a lot of precise, specific, unforgiving jumping/climbing sections in the mid-late game. Which do get frustrating when the controls seem to stick and Juan doesn’t seem to do what you want him to. Equally annoying as usually if you miss a platform you have to start all over again from the bottom of the stage.

Besides that it’s an enjoyable title that is somewhat short but does boast a lot of exploration. There are many secrets and many of the special moves allow you to access previously inaccessible bonuses, allowing you develop Juan, and explore in the process.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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