Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 6)

It’s time for a shake up!

Though, if I were you, I wouldn’t put Charr into a bag and shake them up- that would probably lead to several bouts of mauling and maiming. Unfortunately, the Guardian that has been so prominently featured in the Tyrian Travels series will be leaving us soon. It’s a tough call to make as she is one of my Lvl 50 characters but I feel it needs to be done. I’m not usually one to delete characters (especially the very first ones I make) but server limits, her current set of traits and skills, and other factors make this a slightly necessary action.

This means that the Mesmer will take the place of the original (and best) of my characters now.

The reasons for the shake up are few but valid (in my opinion). I’ve spent a day or so collecting materials and building her a whole new set of gear, then another day testing out a solid skill set, and then (after taking her out to a Lvl 50 area) realised it didn’t really work out. I’m not entirely sure what is wrong with her (but I could guess) but there’s something wrong.

It comes to something when, even with the range bonuses, a lightly armoured Mesmer can take down several Lvl 54s at Lvl 51, yet a Guardian struggles to fight more than one thing at a time without some degree of difficulty. I suspect, as the class is solid, that the problem lies with the way I’ve built her. Most likely due to the fact that I made several (likely poor) decisions about her traits and skills over time and so she’s kind of watered down. She could be doing more- but she isn’t- and it’s likely I could salvage her but I wonder if it is really worth it. To bring her into the realms of staff wielding (the only weapon she hasn’t tried) is possible, but, unless I collect every Hero Point on the map, it’s going to hinder her for quite some time to come.

Getting to Piken Square was half the battle after the Searing. Getting away from it again was the other half.
Getting to Piken Square was half the battle after the Searing. Getting away from it again was the other half.

That said, there will be a replacement Guardian.

I’ve managed to get the new Guardian to nearly the same crafting discipline levels as the old one right out of the gate (with about 20-50 points difference overall). So her crafting disciplines are fine, she managed to get to Lvl 15 just by crafting items from creation, and she’s wielding a staff which is actually working out quite well.

On the brighter side of the news- the Mesmer finally found Piken Square! Or what was left of it. It wasn’t really as impressive as I’d expected, it also seems a little more southward than anticipated, and a bit smaller. Still, at least I know it exists. He’s also up to Lvl 60 so he’ll be doing all of his personal story bits and pieces soon! I’ve also been lurking in the Gem Store after getting a good price on a 2000 Gem card. Bought the Living World Season Two pack while it was on sale and picked up the seventh, and final, character slot reserved for a Necromancer.

While my other classes (the Ranger, Elementalist, Warrior, and Thief) are all at Lvl 31, too.

This is the first soft cap for their levelling process as they’ll unlock their Elite skills around then. Which means, if nothing else, their build will be solid and they’ll have access to their entire build options. The Necromancer will likely be made a little later after the Guardian reaches at least Lvl 31 as well. Hoping to get her to Lvl 50 rather quickly to replace the lost Guardian.

Have a nice week, all!


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