Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 5)

The collection is almost complete.

With the acquisition of a character slot from the Gem Store I’ve added a sixth (and almost final) character to my account- the Thief! It was a tough call between a Thief and an Engineer as they’re both solid classes, both wear medium armour, and both have a great deal of utility. But they have profession mechanics which work somewhat differently to the other professions. The Thief employs the Initiative system, for instance. Each of their skills costs an amount of Initiative to use but few if any feature cooldowns- so they can be chained together to deadly effect- but you might leave yourself unable to act if you use too many.

Likewise, the Engineer features the Tool Belt mechanic. This allows all of their equipped non-weapon skills to be used with a slightly different effect in addition to their usual use, which, while it provides a lot of utility, is a system that’s slightly confusing to anticipate how it would work. I’m sure that explanation made no sense, either!

For those who’ve read Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 3) you might be wondering why I went without Heart of Thorns.

It's important to stay hydrated.
It’s important to stay hydrated.

Well, the reasons are many fold. I bought my copy of Guild Wars 2 as a digital key and I was lucky to find a retailer that still held keys for the core game (as I assume they’re going to disappear eventually once Heart of Thorns becomes the edition to have). Secondly, access to the bulk of the content is in Maguuma Jungle after Lvl 80. Thirdly there is the Living World Season Two. The last two reasons are tied together, as, without completing all of the existing content, I won’t be able to access content in the correct order. So there really isn’t a rush to get Heart of Thorns.

That and the preorder bonuses don’t really appeal to me. Access to the beta events leaves me wondering if I would be able to actually do the events, as, again, I have no characters currently at Lvl 80. Got two around Lvl 50 but that’s about it. The title would be nice- but I hardly consider it an essential purchase. While I can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition via the Gem Store later if I want.

There are a few things I would like from the Gem Store, however. Like the aforementioned Living World Season Two (which was on sale recently). As I see it, even if I were to spend £60 on there, which I probably couldn’t as I don’t think I want that much, that’s still only the equivalent of six months of subscription costs on a usual subscription based MMO. When I think about how much I spent on World of Warcraft subscription costs (which I don’t begrudge spending)- £60 seems like peanuts. Still, I would likely only pick up a couple more things. Like the extra content and maybe one more character slot. I really enjoy the look of the Necromancer. One of those professions from the first Guild Wars that was a pleasant surprise for me.

This is a different type of post for this series, as, while it hasn’t delved into the adventures of our fine folks, it has talked about what goes on under the hood as it were. Also, as noted in the first post, it is to be expected that eventually things will slow down. Not to say that the series is dying- far from it- just that we’ll have slower laid back posts at times, too.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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